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18 Aug 2009
Polonia / Poland and France cultures are similar [112]

no,I try to widen my thought beyond that.


What I meant,I try to think of French beyond the problem they had with the Algerians in the past.

Individual french,I have no problem with them,their behaviour in the past was horrible and cruel.

present time I found their politics as backward and intolerant to certain extent.
18 Aug 2009
Polonia / Poland and France cultures are similar [112]

I find that French and Polish cultures are very similar.

can you elaborate please

I speak the lingo,My dad was an attache to France for a while and I'm struggling to pinpoint the similarity except they share few similar words which helpful in my case.
2 Aug 2009
Life / Things that annoy you in Poland. [114]

they actually do this in the UK

no,as far as I know it doesn't happen in UK where you have to pay in advance to use the loo in restaurant.

the case you're talking about is mainly in night clubs and it is considered as a tip since you're not obliged to pay and as you did put it the African guy provide you with paper to dry your hands and perfume spray.

I do go to bars and night clubs for your own information :)
2 Aug 2009
Life / Things that annoy you in Poland. [114]

How about charging for the loo in a restaurant when you already spent a substantial amount of money.

now that's annoying :)
26 Jul 2009
Food / PIZZA & KETCHUP served only in Poland? [159]

One has loads of chemicals and aditives the other doesn't

I haven't said both are the same,both are tomato based and it's all down where you get your ketchup with less additives.
29 Jun 2009
Law / How do I verify a Polish company's existence? [237]

if i have to report this to my local police department??

It is very common scam,they're stolen or fake cheques,you cash them or after selling goods to them,you forward the amount minus your commissions.

Banks comes after you to retrieve the money after a while(full amount).

all jargon in between(corporate,goods,management,certificates..etc) is

bin them or hand them over to the police.
1 Apr 2009
Love / Are 98% of young Polish girls emotionally unstable and mood changing? [191]

Joland, I don't hava an answer to your questions since i didn't experience 150 kisses from different women.

I'm not here to agree or disagree the way you meet your girls.

What amaze me more that you will never get an answer on this forum.
Most members will jump to conclusion and start framing you or calling you names.

Guys...stick to the subject,it means have you experienced the original post or have an explanation to his issue.
16 Mar 2009
Real Estate / House prices in Poland to drop more or rise again? [228]

Start your search again

Thank you for your input.

The plot is building land comes with a planning permission( with 30% allowed for building).

access to water and electricity.
next door plot owner is building a big brick house.

the owner sold already two plot for 85plz per sq mtr on Allegro website over a year ago.
15 Mar 2009
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [408]

I'm English. My wife is Polish. My son isn't half English, he's Polish as he was born here

What would you call a chinese woman having a baby with a chinese man with the baby born in England.

is the baby english?

Just curious to know your opinion hairball,nothing malicious!!