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23 Dec 2010
Life / Poles lead Dutch in e-nonsense (social websites) [9]

Is it (as they say in psychology) a compensatory reaction to conceal a deep-rooted inferiority complex or what?

This question reveals some deep-rooted complexes that you are suffering from, buddy.
4 Dec 2010
Language / Village and towns in Poland with hard to pronounce names [22]

Help native Poles!

Maybe virtual Poles at will suffice :) Just enter the text and click 'czytaj' to hear it spoken. The accents are sometimes unnatural, but the spelling is usually very close to the real thing.
22 Nov 2010
Law / Polish business haven't got a clue: Discuss. [72]

i ordered books from Amazon Uk, They sent them with DHL Germany,

I did the same about a month ago after finding out that UK amazon enabled free shipment to Poland for orders above 25 GBP (CD's for 4 GBP, here I come!). The package left the store on monday, I had it on my desk on thursday.

For every unhappy noisy customer there are dozens satisfied ones who remain silent.

Typical Polish **** up. Useless ******* country period.

Whatever, you ********. :P
19 Nov 2010
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

You will find many good songs on Polish Radio 3rd Channel's charts. This website allows you to browse through all of its weekly results starting from year 1982 until now:

The audience of this channel has pretty good taste and many songs stood the test of time and became classics. It's also interesting to look at polish tastes in foreign music over the years.
19 Nov 2010
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

Can anyone identify the artist and title of this song?

It's Natalia Kukulska - 'Wierność Jest Nudna'.

Edit: If you like good pop then you might want to give a listen to:

Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz -
Kasia Stankiewicz -
15 Nov 2010
News / Independence Blood Bath on Polish roads over the long weekend. [69]

no one seems to care!

Are Poles supposed to be outraged by the number of victims? It's an old statistics repeated after ever single long weekend.

It's not that we don't care - it's rather that we can't do anything about it aside from not drinking and driving ourselves.
7 Nov 2010
Life / Fail to send mails to or [4]

Your mail server might not be properly configured from o2's perspecive. There are some details on how they determine whether to let in or block emails from particular domain:

Here is a generic contact form that might let you get in touch with the company:

(I'm assuming that you will be able to these pages - feel free to ask otherwise)
5 Nov 2010
Law / Polish business haven't got a clue: Discuss. [72]

I think it would be more useful to provide an example of a successful Polish business. Are they any out there?

I can't be bothered to bring up more because you are obviously trolling.
20 Sep 2010
Work / Enterprise Content Management / Electronic Records Management - how good in PL? [10]

Fingers crossed I'm going to be starting in an advisory role, managing projects to bring government records into compliance with legislation.

The general consensus is that working for the government in Poland is a bad idea from financial and from personal development perspective. You'd probably suffer while not being a native speaker. Another thought - you might want to investigate whether there are any securite clearance requirements for certain posts and how does the procedure of obtaining it relate to foreigners.

is it a profession dominated by people with native-level ability in Polish

It is dominated by the natives for sure, but if you pick an the international bank the English might suffice, as usually most processes and teams working on following them are from various countries etc. The only catch that I see is that in some positions you might have to rely on polish legal documents and in such case a language barier might be a problem.

You chose a line of work that seems to heavily depend on written word - unfortunately it does not make it easier to find a job in a foreign country.
16 Sep 2010
Real Estate / Is this a bad time to buy an apartment in Poland? [142]

So do apartments.

You don't see the difference between buying a car and the apartment. Wow. You also conveniently ignore the fact that you can very often get it finished by the developer if you ask for it. It's just that not enough people ask for it to became a default.

since you have no comparison, why you don't even consider an alternative?

I did consider the alternative when I had a choice to let the developer finish my flat or do it by my own means (that is by paying a chosen crew to do the work according to my preference at any detail). But I never bought a real estate abroad so it does not matter as I don't have the comparison.

Any time, pity the pigs have clogged up ears.

That's the end of the discussion with you.
16 Sep 2010
Real Estate / Is this a bad time to buy an apartment in Poland? [142]

Would you buy a car without an engine and without a colour so you could make it yourself according to their own taste or vision?
How about pieces of material so you could sow your own clothes together, specially made for your 'unique' tastes?

What an absurd comparison.

Cars usually come in various colours, with different engines, with different quality of interior and with many optional components that can be installed. As for the clothes example - seriously...

On the other side each flat is completely unique - and when I want to buy particular one and the bathroom is finished with for example dark tiles or has a tub instead of shower then that is a problem to me. Maybe you in the same position would be ok with this but please acknowledge that majority of Poles prefer it this way.

And you can ask anyone who is not from an ex-commie country and they will tell you that this is a waste of time in the same way the ridiculous things I have posted are a waste of time for the majority of people (mass production).

It does not matter what people in other countries think. Maybe it's a waste of time to them, but not to us. Capiche?

Have you bought anywhere out side of ex-communist countries to have a comparison with?

No, I haven't. I assume that it automatically invalidates my preference of deciding by myself on the standard of my apartment.

The natives prefer the ex-commie way because they have no choice and are too busy justifying why the way it is, is the best way.

Oh, they have a choice - a female friend of mine had her small flat finished by the developer. People simply mostly choose not to take this option - if it was otherwise then everyone would be following her path and developers would be doing their best to make some more money on the finishing. Capitalism, yay!

Shake things up a bit man, don't go with the established procedures :)

There are no procedures involved, only free market deciding what is good in given context.

And you will find you'll have more time on your hands and a few more paregroszy in your pocket.

That's very nice of you to drop pearls of wisdom around the 'ex-commie society' that does not know any better. Thanks!
16 Sep 2010
Real Estate / Is this a bad time to buy an apartment in Poland? [142]

1) The cost is higher for individuals to install their own toilets etc.

Cost, cost, cost - and I thought that it was the Poles who were cheap according to the PF members :)
Buyers get to choooose on which kind of a throne they will be sitting for next dozen of years, it is very important to have such freedom. It's the exact opposite of the 'ex-commie' years where everyone had the same equipment, furniture etc.

2) The continuous drilling and banging from your neighbours for years after you have bought your place.

That is an exagerration. I moved in to a newly finished building with over 100 flats as one of the first inhabitants. There was drilling, sure but not continuous nor taking years. In short - nothing to write home about.

And one more for good luck, you have just bought an apartment but it is not finished, you can not live there, it is ridiculous.

It would be ridiculous if you were led to believe that you are buying a finished apartment.

This is the usual answer I get, it's nonsense. so everyone goes down to Castorama and buys there, no real choice.

Sure, but the point is that they don't have to. My work colleagues have spent weeks deciding on what kind of wood to put on the floor or where to put the bay in the wall for TV. It was funny from my perspective (maybe I am the cheap Pole?) but it's good that there is such possibility.

You keep seeing the subject as a half-empty glass and I'm telling you that the natives prefer it this way because it's better (to us, maybe not to SeanBM).
15 Sep 2010
Real Estate / Is this a bad time to buy an apartment in Poland? [142]

Actually I am surprised the mentality hasn't changed yet.

Why should it change? Why do you assume that the 'ex-commie countries' approach is worse?

Think about it, it will always be cheaper, quicker and cleaner for the developer to buy 500 toilets and install them than for an individual buyer to buy and install one.

People prefer to have their flats finished according to their own taste or vision. It's not a matter of cheapness, quite the opposite actually.
6 Sep 2010
Food / Is Polish food still more natural than in the West? [142]

Corellation does not imply causation.

"With a decrease in the number of pirates, there has been an increase in global warming over the same period. Therefore, global warming is caused by a lack of pirates."
3 Sep 2010
Work / CV/Resume style standards in Poland [17]

I've seen plenty of CV's submitted by IT people (programmers) - majority of them had no photos and most contained no personal details, like marital status, age or number of children.

Unfortunately almost all of them had the absurd 'hobbies' section, usually mentioning book reading or mountain climbing, because everyone has read a book and went on vacation to Bieszczady :)

The point is that you will do fine by submitting the CV written your way - as long as the professional experience will match the particular post nobody will care about lack of photo etc.
4 May 2010
Work / I got a job in Krakow for 3500 zl it ok ? [33]

According to a salary calculator like [,91738.html] 3500 gross would be about 2500 to your bank account. That is assuming that you participate in all pension contributions, health insurance etc.
4 May 2010
Law / Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today? [414]

You might want to compare them with others from the similar era on an auction site:

It seems that the price very strongly depends on how well given banknote is preserved.
4 May 2010
Work / I got a job in Krakow for 3500 zl it ok ? [33]

If it's your first job of this kind then it's a ok salary, otherwise it's quite low.

IT analyst is a very broad term, so it also might strongly depend on what skills you are going to be using, in which industry etc. Generally speaking unless you feel that the experience to be gained is very valuable or unique, you might want to keep eyes open on some other possible opportunities.