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19 Jan 2009
Work / Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times [178]

Hi Everyone! This site is great!
Maybe you could help me with my problem.
I am married to a Polish citizen of Kazakhstan. She has been told that
she can have Polish citizenship as soon as she has a flat. She is also 1 month pregnant.
We are moving to Poland February 17th 09. I have no papers and thought I would just
get them once I found a job teaching English. We have some money (about 5,000 US), but not much and no other income while we wait.

After reading your sire a bit i see many of you have had trouble getting papers.
If it takes more than even 45 days we would have to leave.
I was thinking of getting a job in Kazakhstan teaching english and then trying to transfer over later.
How long would it Take to get papers with a lawyer?
My question:
Am I doing something very stupid going to Poland in one month and expecting to to find work and get papers? Seeing as how if we are both not working we will have to leave the country and that would be bad.

or, is it possible?