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5 Mar 2010
Life / What is it with the Polish love of antibiotics? And Why do Poles get ill more? [40]

I have to comment on this topic..
Being British living in Poland I'm currently off work with a one week sick note and antibiotics from the doctor for tonsillitis. Ive never had tonsillitis before so i kinda expected antibiotics.

Just last night i argued with my polish husband about being sick. I asked him a simple question " When will the blister go in my throat?" His reply. Well you need to stay in bed !

Explain to me what the difference is between staying in bed for one or sitting on the sofa is?
He went on to explain that i should be in bed warm, He told me that the doctor thinks i should be wearing a hat in the house! ARE YOU CRAZY? A hat in the house??

As for getting sick in the first place i will have to say its the buildings. There just too WARM! Germ infested places.