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28 Dec 2008
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

Generally, I would "fourth" that. I tend to tread lightly in these sorts of discussions, but two television programs came to mind as I read the thread so far: America's Next Top Model and Australia's Next Top Model, both of which were in reruns recently in Switzerland.

From the former show, I have become convinced in part that American television producers do not like attractive models. Without the main intention of passing judgment, I have to write that the show drew odd looking women like a massive, pop-cultural magnet.

Australia's Next Top Model had some of the most beautiful women of the very tall variety I have ever seen.

So, I suppose it all depends on who you're looking at. Most days, just out and about, one will come across women more attractive than those on fashion runways. Australians have good taste though.
18 Dec 2008
Love / Do Polish Women age well? [150]

I'll opt for the stud, Im quite shallow, life's too short to end your days with some big fat loser ;)

Ha ha ha, I love how this thread went from something approaching misogynistic to dumping on big, fat losers.
17 Dec 2008
Language / Idiomatic Polish [65]

Nevermind -- that was no good.
17 Dec 2008
News / What is Poland's politics towards Norway? [56]

The project has been dropped long ago


and there are no chances/prospects for its revival.

...and no, it almost certainly will be revived relatively soon. The Baltic Pipe was laid. Clearly there will be a future effort to diversify fuel supplies again so as to get away from continued strict dependence on Russia, if not from Norway then from Denmark or Sweden.
17 Dec 2008
Love / Do Polish Women age well? [150]

Kylie Minogue is barely brushing 40 and Angelina Jolie is 33. I don't think this constitutes quite aged enough to have either aged well or not to have done so.
16 Dec 2008
Genealogy / Wolochowicz [14]

That probaly meant the original son was no longer perceived as a Vallachian by fellow-villagers but his father was.

It could also mean an ancestor looked like a Vallachian (darker features, for example), behaved like one, or was nicknamed "Woloch." He did not necessarily have to be one.