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5 Oct 2009
Love / How to please Polish women? [216]

i'm sorry but i just can't help it... if Polish girl wanted to hear cute phrases in Polish i guess she'd rather date Polish guy. of course it can be sweet if you learn something in Polish but i assure you, sweet in a funny way at least at the beginning until you learn how to pronounce things properly.

so instead of calling her 'kochanie' call her in your own language. most Polish girls i know are very curious about other cultures, countries ect, and willing to learn new things. so really, use your own language, you are experts in it rite? i'd say be yourself and do not pretend to be Polish.
26 Jun 2009
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

those who watch bollywood movies do not perceive Indians as inferior.


Indian movies in Polish, being sold online and in EMPIKs around Poland

Indian movies are shown in Polish cinemas /like Om Shanti Om/, not very often, I agree, but still -it happens.
anyway bollywood is getting more and more popular in Poland, and it promotes Indian culture as well. people are more interested in Indian classical dance, henna painting, music, culture, languages...

so I'd never agree that Polish people see Indians as inferior.
bad luck you met those who think so.
23 Jun 2009
Life / Polish mentality towards Pakistan [91]

many people in Poland believe Pakistanis are Arabs, because they are Muslims, and all Muslims are Arabs... which is sad, that such ignorance is flourishing in Europe in 21st century.

I know many mixed Polish-Pakistani couples, living happily for years. I know also stories about Pakistani guys who bring shame to Pakistan.

From my personal experience- Pakistanis can be extremely polite. Such politeness is hard to find nowadays. on the other hand, they can be manipulative and over-controlling.

yeah... I am still feeling so sad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is dead :( and that qawwali live concerts are so rare in Poland. Allah hafiz :)
20 Apr 2009
Food / How to find Halal Food in Poznan (Muslim food in Poland) [55]

there is a muslim company in poznan that produces and sells halal meat -abroad :(((
the name is 'halal Poland' -try to find them in poznan phone book.
so if you look for halal meat poznan is the best place in whole Poland :)
consider yourself lucky.
i will pm you giving you more information.
11 Dec 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

no such option, try to google radha shop; they sell online, there is also but their prices are sky high. so better order in India or just visit London ;)

it is relatively easier to buy a saree or salwar qameez, even on Polish Allegro.
best of luck :)