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28 Feb 2009
Law / Banking tax Procedure in Poland [14]

Please correct me if I'm wrong: if I open a CD (lokata) in a Polish bank at 5%, at the maturity date I will collect my interest earnings minus the capital gains tax (podatek) of 18%, which in effect lowers the rate to under 4%?

Is everyone subjected to this tax, even if unemployed? And why is the bank in the business of collecting taxes? Doesn't the Polish IRS (urzad skarbowy) trust its citizens to pay their dues at the end of the fiscal year ? ;-)
1 Feb 2009
Life / Tips on tipping in Poland [45]

Don't confuse "tip" and "service".

Good point, moonlighting. In France, where the "service" is always included I felt no obligation to tip - I would mostly just round up the bill.

On the rare occasion when the service was "extra", I would leave something extra ;-)

On the other hand, the wages in Poland are much I would feel some compulsion to tip on top of the "service included".
1 Feb 2009
Life / Tips on tipping in Poland [45]

So, to summarize:

- only/mostly foreigners in Poland leave tips
- average tip around 10%

So the waitstaff does not expect tips (although would certainly appreciate it) and does not turn ugly/vengeful if you do not tip?

A little tip for you...
When handing over the money for your meal do not say "Dziękuję"
Your waiter/waitress will interpret this as "keep the change"

Good to know!

I also imagine that with the reversed migration (Poles returning home from their working stints in Western Europe), the tipping culture might become more prevalent here.

I know that for me, who spend most of my life in the US, it would be very hard not to tip...

There's a job opening at Poland's Puszcza Białowieska circumcising żurby (bison). It doesn't pay much, BUT THE TIPS ARE BIG!!!

Just be careful where you snip ;-)
31 Jan 2009
Life / Tips on tipping in Poland [45]


I did a search here and found no threads on tipping in Poland.

Would like to know how much you would tip:

1. cab driver (does he help you with luggage?)
2. pizza/food delivery person (even if the delivery itself is gratis)
3. hairstylist
4. waitstaff at a restaurant/cafe

If I left out anyone else who should be tipped, please add them to the list.

17 Dec 2008
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

Dec 15, 08, 13:00 #171

I have left Poland 20 years ago and for many year i want to go back. Now when i could go back I am scare

I know a number of Poles who returned to Poland after many years spent in the USA. They all felt scared at some point but did it anyway, and now are quite happy with their decision. Life is all about growing, testing new waters and challenging yourself. If moving to Poland was your dream for "many years", why not give it a try for a limited time (a year or so)? You might be pleasantly surprised. At least, you'll know that you gave it a chance, and not have any regrets. And if your worst fears come true, you can always go back to SoCal...

Well, I don't know Paris, I get very mixed reviews about the place, have you been?
Or is it like one of those romantic ideas of how wonderful Paris is in the
the Spring?

Paris is not just a romantic notion. In addition to being one of the most visually beautiful places on earth, it has that certain je ne sais quoi that burrows deeply into your soul and never lets go. I left Paris almost 5 years ago and still dream about it most nights.
24 Oct 2008
Life / "Londynczycy" - new Polish soap [62]

After all the hype for the new soap "Londynczycy" ( I read about it in the States!) how was the premiere last night? Accurate depiction of the Polish immigration in the UK?