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30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

well...many of my teacher gave very little time to complete the tasks during quizes and tests I'd say not quite enough for someone well prepared...(cheating is time-consuming so people doing it would fail anyway because they only completed a small part of what was expected)

people seating close to eachother always got different sets of questions I rememmber a teacher that had 12 different sets (we would take the test in small groups so each student had a different one)...

I'm not saying that there was no cheating I just think that its impact on the final grades was not that great...
30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

I am sorry to disappoint you all but what Pawian does is really nothing out of ordinary ... as far as I can remmember a vast majority of my teachers did those things and some of them much more to prevent students from "ściąganie"...
7 Apr 2009
Language / Your perception of the Polish accent [126]

After the wwII a lot of people had to relocate to completly diffrent regions of Poland, where they mixed with the locals and migrants from other parts of the country .... this way many regional dialects disappeared... at the same time radio and tv served to farther standarize the language...
5 Mar 2009
Law / Banking tax Procedure in Poland [14]

it's so called "podatek belki" it was itroduced only a couple of years ago...

There is one flat tax rate (19%) on capital income. It includes: selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds shares and also interests from bank deposits.

It is simple if you have a bank deposit of some sort and receive interests, you have capital gains and you must pay the tax.

a bank is a so called "płatnik" (just like an employer that pays the downpayments on the income tax for the emploees)...

urząd skarbowy receives each month the money diractly from the banks... I'd say it's more convenient this way and probably it also serves to reduce the moral hazard... :)
8 Oct 2008
Language / The Plural of Zloty? [46]

as a monetary unit "złoty" functions as a noun.

You're right... I think it is called "rzeczownik odprzymiotnikowy" (?adjectival noun?)
I only wanted to indicate that złoty is not a regular noun (the "y" doesn't mean that złoty is plural)
7 Oct 2008
Language / The Plural of Zloty? [46]

zloty is plural.
just like pierogy

złoty is not plural (the plural forms are złote and złotych depending on the figure) złoty is an adjective (it means golden in pl)

pierogi is plural for pieróg but this is a noun
3 Oct 2008
Genealogy / Last name Sapeta [44]

There are 918 Sapetas in PL...see the map
24 Sep 2008

New words usually take masculine animate endings... (it's one of current grammatical changes in pl language)

Here is the explanation (in Polish)

Zmiany gramatyczne [edytuj]

Prawdopodobnie najbardziej rzucającą się w oczy zmianą jest wypieranie rodzaju męskorzeczowego przez męskożywotny. Wiele słów które dotychczas były jednoznacznie nieżywotne, w języku potocznym, zwłaszcza w języku młodzieży, jest traktowanych jako żywotne. Objawia się to tym, że biernik jest równy dopełniaczowi nie zaś jak dotychczas mianownikowi. Pojawiają się takie formy jak "mieć pomysła" czy "obejrzeć filma" (na razie wyłącznie potoczne). Większość nowych słów odnoszących się do zjawisk niematerialnych przyjmuje rodzaj męskożywotny również w języku oficjalnym. I tak formy "dostać e-maila/SMS-a" są znacznie bardziej popularne od form "dostać e-mail/SMS".

22 Sep 2008
Food / Confusion over flour names in Poland [46]

There are no self raising flours in PL... at least I don't know of any. The flour you've bought should be ok for most things... I usually buy wrocławska but I don't why... they are all very similar... I think tortowa might be better for cakes...