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Captain Scarlet   
25 Aug 2010
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [445]

we have betting contest every day , too see who can spot the biggest nose , in the market,, so we aks where are you from, and poznan wins the nose job most days, smile its an english way of joking but we do do it

Ha ha , i'll try this today while chilling outside the coffee shop but the majority of females are from Wroclaw in my town . Though i do know a woman from Poznan and she does have a big nose .
Captain Scarlet   
23 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

But the English are letting their country be raped.

I totally agree . It's down to poor governments , do gooders , human rights , political correctness and the benefit system . We must be the only country in the world where you fly the nations flag and be called a racist at the same time . You can't have a patron saints day parade because its racist . Our brave soldiers return home and get abused and spat by those who come here just to milk the system and spread hatred . Its all gone to the dogs . Rant over :-)
Captain Scarlet   
23 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Missing Polish woman found murdered in Chesterton, UK [27]

they dont even have the body identified yet, and they are holding this guy to the murder??

She worked in the Uk and provided for her husband and child back in Poland so i guess they're waiting for her husband to arrive and identify her ? According to local gossip and i stress it is gossip she worked with the accused and she ended their relationship ?? Anyway a sad turn of events all said and done .
Captain Scarlet   
22 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Missing Polish woman found murdered in Chesterton, UK [27]

Ofcourse the Polish system is perfect , they even let criminals flee the country .

Since Poland joined the EU in 2004, hundreds who were facing court hearings have fled to disappear among Britain's huge community of around 600,000 Poles.
In 2007, the Met's Extradition Unit was asked to trace 257 Polish suspects. A total of 135 were sent home on commercial flights - at a cost to the Met of £300,000.

The huge cost led to a Polish military plane being used instead. At first the flights were monthly, but this has now become a fortnightly, or in 'peak periods' weekly, flight.

The number of criminals extradited from Britain to Poland is expected to treble under a new European police forces information sharing-scheme that is estimated will cost Britain an extra £17million in administration fees alone.

Since April last year, the Met alone received 210 extradition requests from Poland.
In 2009, Britain extradited a total of 516 offenders to other countries after receiving 3,526 arrest warrants from foreign governments.
A Home Office spokesman said: 'The European Arrest Warrant plays a vital role in ensuring that those who attempt to evade justice by crossing a border within the EU are quickly brought to justice.'
Captain Scarlet   
19 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Missing Polish woman found murdered in Chesterton, UK [27]

A 25-year-old Polish man has appeared in court charged with murdering a mother who was reported missing earlier this month.

Piotr Moczulski, of Newgale Walk, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, has been charged with the murder of Elzbieta Kinczyk, 23, who lived in the town.

Magistrates at Nuneaton remanded him in custody and he was ordered to appear at Warwick Crown Court on 22 June.

A body found at Chesterton has yet to be formally identified.

Captain Scarlet   
21 Jul 2009
Life / Price of cigarettes in Poland? [192]

From some EU countries there are limits on the
amount of tobacco products you can bring back
without paying duty and / or tax in the UK:
200 cigarettes from Bulgaria, Hungary*, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland*, Romania and Slovakia*
200 cigarettes or 250g smoking tobacco from Estonia
Please note that there is no limit on other types of
tobacco products as long as they are for your own use.
(*The limits on cigarettes from Hungary, Poland
and Slovakia only apply until 31 December 2008) Copied from so in theory you should be able to bring back upto 3200 ?
Captain Scarlet   
28 Oct 2008
Travel / Weekend in Katowice [25]

Try this for an idea or two or virtual tourist.