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8 Oct 2009
Genealogy / Jambrich/Yambrick surname? [34]

Could you please tell me what you're father and mothers name is? Where abouts are you from? My family is trying to figure out who you maybe.


Joe Yambrick
21 Jan 2009
Genealogy / Jambrich/Yambrick surname? [34]

Hi Christine. You're Dad was my great uncle Bill. You're uncle Joe and Aunt Leona were my grandpa and grandma respectfully. You're right they had 12 children my dad (Paul) is the third oldest he is married to Marylou. I am one of a few Joe Yambricks around Flint.

My Sister and I attended Alex's Funeral. We deeply regret you're loss.

From the information my mother has, it seems that the origins of the name came from Slovakia as I stated in an earlier text. Bratislava, Slovakia is right on the border with Austria, so migration back and forth from both countries would have been easy. We have heard stories that there are quite alot of Jambrichs' still over there, in fact somebody took a trip over there years ago and brought back a page or two from a phone book with the listings of numerous people with the last name Jambrich.

I was told that the story of the Austrian origin of our last name was due to the fact that at that time, Austria was a more affluent place to live in comparision to their relativly poor nieghbor Slovakia. So when applying for jobs here in America during the earliest part of the 20th century, it "looked better" to the potential employer if you stated that you're origins were from a more infulential part of europe. Especially when you had an accent, naturally someone is going to ask you where you are from.

I remember ny great aunt Marjorie and Great Aunt Mary (you're uncle Pauls wife) they were nice people. Great uncle Paul had ENORMOUS hands! I remember that! They called you're dad Big Bill, I still have people ask me if I'm related to him. Myself and parents went to his induction ceremony. You have a nephew with the same name as myself that people get me confused with.
2 Oct 2008
Genealogy / Jambrich/Yambrick surname? [34]

Hi Kathleen. I am you're first cousin Joey. You're Uncle Paul's son. How is you're parents doing? I hope all is well. Tell you're sisters I said Hi.

Never heard of ther suicide thing before, I will ask my dada if he has. That's really interesting I have never heard (or asked for that matter) WHY they came over, I just always thought that during that time (early 1900's) it was the thing too do with all of the immigration and all.

Reply back via email and leave you're contact info. and we'll talk.

Tell everyone I said Hi will you?

25 Aug 2008
Genealogy / Jambrich/Yambrick surname? [34]


My name is Joseph Yambrick and our family orginated in the Slovakian/Austrian region around the area of Bratislava, Slovakia. You stated that you're great-great-grandmother's name was Leona. My grandmothers name was Leona Yambrick (Makutha), and she was Polish (Makutha) and the only Leona Yambrick that lived in the US as far as my dad knows, but my Grandfather was of Slovakian/Austrian decent. My mother has a pretty complete history (family tree) dating back to the late 1700's or 1800's of the Yambrick family. In fact my Great-great-great grand parents are buried in Talgart, Austria.

My Great grandfather, and his brother George and 2 sisters came over by boat to Ellis Island and that is where the name changed from Jambrich (old world) to Yambrick. The name change happened as a result of the administrators who worked at Ellis Island mistakenly thought that the Letter "J" was a "Y" and the "H" was a "K" according to how my grandfather signed his last name. Come to find out it was pretty common for that kinda thing to happen. And REALLY expensive to have it fixed!

They migrated from NY (with nothing to thier name) to Punxetauny PA where they went to work in the coal mines, That is why there are alot of Yambricks still in the PA/West Virginia area. My grandfather and his some of his family moved to Michigan and wound up residing in and around Flint, Michigan. If you ever hear the last name of Yambrick you know you are related too that person. It's not a common name like Smith or Jones.

Talgart, Austria

Actually it is Telgárt Slovakia NOT Talgart, Austria