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26 Jun 2011
Life / What happened to my mail? (I sent some documents to Warsaw from Turkey.) [3]

call the warsaw customs office and find out why it's being held up there for so long. I had a similar situation few years ago, but it wasn't documents. my father in law sent some stuff for my husband and didn't declare the value of the goods. when I called the customs office they explained what to do and we managed to get the stuff delivered :@). now, why the documents would get stuck at the customs is a mystery to me.
18 Jun 2011
Food / "Moldy" Cake [3]

here you go:
22 May 2011
Law / Healthcare for British Citizens living in Poland [30]

Paying the contribution to ZUS appears to be the way to go, I hope I find thing straight forward in Lodz.

Well, if you're coming to PL and you have a pre-existing condition, it's definately a good idea to get a health insurance over here. You go to the local NFZ (National Health Fund) and sign up with the for a volounary health insurance. Now here's a catch: the monthly premiums, as somebody mentioned in a previous post are not bad, right now for this quarter it's about 313 PLN/month. But, NFZ also will make you pay an intoductory fee which in your case, since you have never had a health insurance in PL, will be 6957,82 PLN.

had the same situation when my husband at the time moved here. He has diabetes, so we didn't want to take a chance of him not having a proper health insurance. and i almost fainted when they told us about that fee. but a very nice NFZ clerk told us, that the best way to avoid paying it is to:

1. find someone who will hire you on a job contract (i mean "umowa o pracę" lub "umowa zlecenie" which pays the health insuarnce) for like a month (or even a week, as long as the premium is payed)

2. go to the unemployment office and get him registered as unemployed (then he gets the health insurance payed by the unemployment office) and after a week or 2 unregister him.

we chose the second option. after that when we went to finally get that volountary insurance the "gap" in his premium payment was less than 3 months and there was no stupid introductory fee :@)

I know it sounds retarded, but that's how it works and you will need you girlfriend's assistance with that (language-wise). Or just get married (if you 2 plan to). and as long as she's on the job contract that covers the health insurance, as her husband you'll be eligible for it too.

and about your medication, there is a list of the meds subsidised by NFZ, i'm sure your girlfried can find it online and you can check if the medication you're taking is on that list.

Best of luck :@)
22 May 2011
UK, Ireland / Are Poles in UK really that big of a deal? [112]

if you were really a Brit you would know that. Only uneducated Yanks talks of VISA.

you don't have to sneak in on the back of a lorry

Nah, she's not American, no self-respecting Yank would ever say "lorry" :@P
10 May 2011
Life / Injection Moulding in Poland [21]

Hope you can find something there. I deal with rubber, not plastics, but I'll ask around and if I have any info I'll let you know :@)
8 May 2011
Life / Injection Moulding in Poland [21]

Maybe the phrase you are looking for is "wtrysk wielokomponentowy"? and if you are interested in finding a producer in Poland, you might be interested in this: (conference taking place in Warsaw on June 16th). and another one: International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL (Kielce, may 24th - 27th):

I've been to the ones in Kielce and I think you might find what you're looking for over there :@)
26 Jul 2010
Love / Marrying a Polish girl near Wroclaw [12]

I think the swiadek needs to have all 'papers' in order (christening, Communion records) and of course go to confession.

I think it depends on the priest who marries the couple. My brother and his future bride had a hard time convincing their priest that her sister could be a Świadek at their wedding, because she didn't go through the Confirmation. He finally gave the a green light when she started attending Confirmation classes.

But when my cousin was getting married and she was worried that the priest would make problems beacuse of her "Swiadek's" pregnancy (she was not married), the priest told the that the role of "Swiadek" at the wedding is to be a witness, that the two people who are getting married, vow their commitment, and for that purpose it isn't even neccessary to be a Catholic or Christian.

Now, with the Godparents the rules are far stricter, but that's a different story :@)
12 Jan 2010
Life / Poczta Polska Is Killing ME! Transit time. [25]

I will go to the local office and talk with the english speaking person there about this

ha ha ha, good luck finding one :@D. but seriously - I understand your frustration. Poczta Polska sucks. I hate going there and avoid that place as much as I can. What you can try and do - altough you shouldn't have to bacuse PP gets paid for their services - is to go to your post office once in a while and inquire if theres any undelievered mail for you. you don't need awizo to do so - just your ID for picking up certified mail.
11 Aug 2008
Study / Cost of a private Pre-School in Poland [4]

My son goes to a public preschool in Wroclaw and we pay about 300 PLN/month so i guess the private one would be double that price.