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25 Oct 2009
USA, Canada / Southern Ontario (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo) and Polish Women [32]

I can't tollerate rap unless I'm too drunk to notice its playing, and I dont like getting that drunk. I also am not fond of the demographics at these clubs. Would there be any Polish girls at the Country Bars in the area?

true niether do i....
i know some go to dallas but prob not as much

who'd wanna live in an anti-white anti-christian socially backwards multicultural dump like Canada?


Where, which one, when and are there single Polish women in their early or mid 20's?

its only because we dance there though....theres some but hardly
I'd say throw yourself into the polish community/events and you could find some
24 Jul 2009
Feedback / What is your suggestion to make PF more enjoyable ? [55]

I don't think we should necessarily add age groups...
because sometimes id rather not be stuck with people my age on certain topics
you cant separate by age because maturity levels change based on each person
20 Jul 2009
USA, Canada / Southern Ontario (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo) and Polish Women [32]

get out of there ASAP. You have EU passport, so move to Europe, it is much better there.

damn right !
I personally dislike canada for various after university im out to Poland or England ! (:
so much of an economic difference...
it's amazing
18 Nov 2008
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

This fudge thing they are selling in front of the cemeteries on All Saints Day

even the cementaries there are so pretty i mean compared to just a stone sticking out of the ground here...
2 Aug 2008
Life / The Pole is happy when someone else cries... [53]

True but I've also seen them help each other out more than other people. We all have only so much goodwill and Poles probably like to save it all for people they actually know.

thats deffinatley true..travelling thro poland ive needed much help from ppl...most of the polish say they dont kno and ignore me...however when i meet family or friends of family they seem to be the nicest ive people ive ever met... the polish like to discriminate on many different criterias including strangers
28 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / Southern Ontario (Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo) and Polish Women [32]

Hehe im from KW and ther are many polish girls everywhere...hint go to the club...elements or rev...just find them its pretty easy i think..thers alot in kitchener... msg me if u want more detail idk but ya just look for the european looking girls and most will be polish i bet u anything =]