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Dupek Stupak   
27 Jul 2008
Feedback / I notice that some of my posts have disappeared completely. [35]

As you correctly observed we like to keep PF as free as possible from racism.

That's just, like, your wski&quote=opinion.txt&file=opinion.mp3 - opinion man.

None of my posts are racist.

Are you judging me guilty of "Thought Crime" without trial?

False charges of racism is the new McCarthyism.

Each day it becomes more howlingly evident to me that "racism" has become a modern-day moral panic which now probably exceeds the Cold War's "Red Scare" in its scope and violent persecution of anyone who dares question its logic and morality.

Whenever people complain about "McCarthyism" or the burden of unpopularity which was once foisted upon the careers of their favorite little Hollywood screenwriters. I always walk away with another lesson on the futility of arguing against mass media indoctrination.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but there is one tiny difference: During the "Red Scare," communists were actively killing people in the millions.

Regardless, some of your visual aids are racist and there is no question about it.

It's your opinion. Have you elected yourself chief prosecutor?

Specifically, which one do you personally consider to be racist?
Dupek Stupak   
27 Jul 2008
Feedback / I notice that some of my posts have disappeared completely. [35]

I am not admitting anything. I exercise my free will to push the report button if I think it's necessary.

You are overly sensitive. Perhaps you need to stop pushing so many buttons and HTFU!
Dupek Stupak   
3 Aug 2008
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

Do you think it is possible for Polish boy to have Indian girlfriend? Do you possibly know any examples among your friends?

How many cows you got?