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9 Nov 2009
Work / I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job) [117]

I work in poland but I am moving back to good ol' U S A. I've been living here for 3 years and also have polish roots. Like I mentioned before, it will be difficult to find skilled work w/o a degree. What part of PL are you thinking about moving to?
30 Oct 2009
Work / I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job) [117]

Korek, I'm an american living in poland. my advice to you is give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, you can always go back home. Be prepared to deal w/alot and IMO finish college in the US. You won't go far w/o a degree unless you give private english lessons. Jobs are also scarce in Poland, so don't be surprised. Good Luck.
22 Oct 2009
Love / How common is it for husbands in Poland to open their wife's mail ? [30]

heyy, not true. I open my own mail and also take care of most, if not all, house duties :)
kojak, very touching and IMHO I think a letter w/pictures through-out your life is a great first start. Showing up unannounced could be shocking and unsettling.
31 Aug 2009
Love / Should i wear this to a polish wedding or not? :) [27]

the dress is beautiful, go for it! I wore a very colorful strapless mini dress for my cousin's wedding in June and got more compliments than strange stares. Have fun!
4 Aug 2009
Life / Things that annoy you in Poland. [113]

the fact that Poles themselves complain about Poland so much

They do infact complain about their jobs, life style, weather, anything they can come up with... but at the same time...they are the biggest Polish patriots I know of.