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26 Apr 2008
Food / Polish head cheese [46]

Zimne Nogi, is what our family called it (head cheese)
angelz22, thanks for the link but this is the is what I remember.
Pigs feet, (and anything else you could use) brain, eyes, nose and most anything on the head of the pig you would think was useless. (now a day I use cheap 1st cut chops also)

cloves of peeled whole garlic (quartered )
whole pepper corn (black pepper)
bay leaves

Boil until well done (meat falling off the bone)
while still hot almost too hot to handle) ouch!
clean all meat off the bone There are some very small bone you must remove) ouch again! (broken teeth)
When all is bone free, pour into a container (how much you adventured to make)
Good rule of thumb, quart of water to each hock or pint if your only using hocks.
Once it's bone free and in a container (container should be taken more area the depth)
Refrigerate until it becomes a hard gel (usually overnight)
Next day get out a bottle of white vinegar, a knife, fork cut into 2x2 squares and enjoy!!!!!

The things we through out now days used to taste ohooooo so good......

"Charnina" (duck blood soup) is what I would love a recipe for.....
I remember my grandparents getting a live duck and hanging it by it's feet and well yes, cutting it's neck for the blood. I know you add vinegar to stop the blood from clouting but I don't remember how they made it. Potato dumplings but I'll be dammed if I could remember how....