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26 Apr 2008
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

Germans complain that Polish people steal their cars ;)

ha ha ha.. this is news to me. since when did Germans start complaining about polish stealing their cars? Is this why Hitler bombed the living daylight outta o' Poland? Just wondering?
29 Apr 2008
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1071]

Geographically Poland is central. The name's "Western Europe" and "Eastern Europe", are highly politicized words, which simply subsituted for the phrases "good guys" and "bad guys", the ruling elite making it simple in laymans terms; a legacy of

I couldnt agree more with Gile. It's the arrogant and,i dare say ignorant elite that dreamt up these silly terms to divide people. High time we got rid. PEACE
27 Jun 2008
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

I'm Polish and I can't say about myself that I'm racist! I noticed that racism is less and less 'popular'. Any of my friends is really racist though IT'S SO ANNOYING WHEN MUSLIMS ASK ME TO MARRY THEM ON SKYPE !!!!!! :D

Since when did Islam and therefore muslims become a race? or have I been left behind by evolution?
8 Jul 2008
Language / I'm gonna learn Polish in a month! [86]

You should avoid the black slang in polish.

Brotha got guts ain't nobody/thang gonna kip'm down. go brotha,go,..what I'm I talking about?
9 Jul 2008
Love / My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site [158]

Go to a Citizens Advice Bureau.

They're bloody useless they'll just give you a list of the most expensive solicistors in town and tell you to go there. Ofcourse it depends on the amount involved and if it makes economic sense to spend more to recover less.
9 Jul 2008
Love / My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site [158]

I will keep mine in iron shield.

and sleep with one eye open as well for extra protection.Oh,and attach an alarm to it too.

Or castrate him

i think i'd strangle him...[/quote]
Or do both actually.