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7 Mar 2008
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1386]

Those face recognition things are absolutely rubbish. They go more on the camera angle than on actual facial features. I tested it by using around 20 different photos of myself. The most common comparison was to Sarah Michelle Geller, who is obviously the wrong gender, and looks absolutely nothing like me.

By the way. Judging by my Avatar, would you say I look very Polish? I think I do, but I'm no expert.
7 Mar 2008
Life / Why are Poles always so miserable? Why do they never smile? [512]

Same here. People often think I'm angry or very sincere when I'm not engaged in conversation. This is just the way we Poles look. I saw somewhere on this forum, someone said that Poles try to get maximum effect from minimum effort. Why contort you're face into a smile constantly, getting wrinkles and wearing you're face out. We reserve our wonderful smiles for when we speak to people.
7 Mar 2008
Life / Is Poland split into two religions: catholicism and non-believers? [103]

I happen to know that there is also an Orthodox church in Jelenia Gora in the South West of Poland, although it is still overwhelmingly Catholic. I've also heard of other religious minorities in Poland, including Jews, Muslims (although mainly immigrants I think), and even a few Satanists apparently.