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1 Mar 2010
Life / You are Polish if... [433]

You are Polish if...

You burst out in rapturous applause when the pilot of your plane lands safely.
1 Mar 2010
Life / Do you think a smoking ban would be a good thing in Polish restaurants and Bars? [217]

Wouldn't it just be a matter of time before non smoking bars are the norm?

You think that "the market" will ensure this. Tell me, what was the proportion of non-smoking bars (in Britain) prior to the smoking ban?

Now, how can you reconcile this tiny proportion of non-smoking bars with the fact that the majority of pub goers don't smoke? Surely non-smokers would simply go to non-smoking bars, and there would therefore be a large market for such establishments? But there isn't, and there never has been.

Something is not right with your "market" ideal and it is this: Non-smoking establishments lose the custom of smokers. Non-smokers are generally prepared to suffer smoking establishments. Therefore, nearly every pub is a smoking establishment. The trade off means that in 99.9% of cases, a smoking establishement is favourable to the landlord.

Now if you think it fair that workers and customers who are prepared to suffer in such an environment, should do so at the cost of their health then fair enough. There was a time when I would have probably agreed with you, but as a former smoker I can now appreciate the other side of the coin fully. It should be the smoker who has to suffer going outside, as opposed to the non-smoker's health suffering, purely because they want to go for a drink with their friends.

Regardless of this, the debate is pointless. Poland, as a memeber of the United States of Europe, WILL have a smoking ban shortly. Like it or not.
1 Mar 2010
Life / You are Polish if... [433]

-you love soccer

Spoken like a true American.
14 Aug 2009
Life / How do Polish people see homosexuality? [152]

Human homosexuality is the result of a genetic flaw

A gentic flaw which affects an estimated 5% of the global population. A genetic flaw which has existed for as long as humans. Whats more, a gentic flaw which effects nobody other than those "inflicted". I'd say that this genetic flaw is naturally occurring. A bit like the recessive ginger gene.

An other consideration is the requirement, in order to get a better balanced child

It depends totally on the individuals. A caring same sex couple would be far beter than a drug addicted, abusive heterosexual couple. You can't apply a reference model to individual humans.
12 May 2009
Food / Why carp for Polish Christmas? [157]

Carp is awesome!!

It's terrible.

I love eating fish. I regularly make Sushi with prawns, tuna, salmon, swordfish and I love my cod/skate/haddock/rock but Carp?!!?? As a big fan of fish, I was very much looking forward to trying carp this Christmas. Very disappointing :(

Don't knock it til you try it.

I have unfortunately. I've even tried the jellied version which is worse!

Christmas dinner in Poland was (carp aside) most enjoyable, but other than tradition, I can't see any good reason to eat this particular member of the fish family! Having said that, I pretty much feel the same about Turkey!!
30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

you have no real proof that cheating is more accepted here

I have no proof that cheating is more accepted in Poland, but my girlfriend has often alluded to the extent of this practice. Admittedly, she also points out that most Polish exams are near impossible to pass without cheating.

Apparently, girls writing on their legs is most popular, although my girlfriend tends to go for the 'formula carved on to a biro with a protractor' technique.
26 Mar 2009
News / US to deploy Patriot missiles to Poland [404]

Nearly every smart mind in the world thought there were WMDs in Iraq

Keep telling yourself that gtd ;)

But we were lied to by our leaders.

An often repeated untruth.

Not really an untruth in the UK though:
6 Mar 2009
History / Polish-German alliance. [489]

The Polish troops in London begged the UK generals to be parachuted close to warsaw so they could help the warsaw uprising but UK lot refused so as not to upset Stalin.

They would have been the proverbial lambs to the slaughter...

the official stand of British Government stand on not helping in Warsaw uprising...

*rolls eyes* - Yes, it was because of Britain that the Warsaw Uprising failed. It was Roosevelt's number one priority... Stalin was eager to provide assistance... but it was Britain who are to blame...

It is all SYMBOLISM, compared to how many Poles fought FOR Britain

Yes, they were fighting FOR Britain - no self interest, a completely selfless, altruistic act?

coward with your head stuck in your behind; typical limey.

*Yawns* - Christ you are boring.

Maybe this should be another thread?

I'd rather you didn't, it would only turn in to another 'Britain was to blame for Polish suffering during and after WW2... etc etc' argument.

As for the thread title - frankly it doesn't matter, Poland would still have suffered greatly, and there would still be a minority of morons who continued to blame everything on the British government.
25 Feb 2009
History / Polish weapons and militaria - got any? [153]

Of course, but the deals were made with Stalin prior to this period... at a time when The Allies would have done anything to please him. Once the red army occupied Eastern Europe again it was game over. Any Allied mission which didn't involve the use of several Atom bombs would have been a disaster.
25 Feb 2009
History / Polish weapons and militaria - got any? [153]

Thanks Sjam

That is all very interesting.

Stalin had not yet got the atomic bomb so was not ever going to take any overt military action that would really upset his allies the USA and UK.

I honestly don't think he cared. Britain and the USA never used the threat of the Atom bomb in the way that they could have. Having said that, it wasn't yet a bargaining tool at Tehran or Yalta. Churchill considered imposing the Allied will on Stalin, but this would not have been possible with the support of the USA who had conflicting objectives, which they viewed as more important.

Anders was a man to be admired, but this would have been suicide imo.
25 Feb 2009
History / Polish weapons and militaria - got any? [153]

Anders is recorded as telling the US ambassador in London that he anticipated that 95% of Poles in Poland would rise up against the Soviet army occupying Poland to support his Polish army in the liberation of Poland.

That maybe, but if Stalin so much as suspected this, he would have turnesd Poland in to a grave-yard before any such uprising could occur.
25 Feb 2009
History / Polish weapons and militaria - got any? [153]

I am very interested in gen. Anders plan to unite the entire Polish Army from Italy and Germany as one force to be perpared for striking back into Poland against USSR

Interesting. It would have been a blood bath though.
17 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / Immigration and Identity: how to keep Polish identity when living in UK. [30]

Poles are the same ethnic group as Brits

What the hell are you talking about? Bjesus. Most Brits don't share the same ethnicity - 'White' is not an ethnic group!

there are no hard and fast answers to your questions, Poles are not like certain other minorities from other countries that have landed on our shores,

Such as? Come on Shel, let's have some stereotypes. 'Pakis' are all benefit scrounging Jihadists? Somalis are all knife wielding maniacs?
11 Feb 2009
News / Poland Should Beef Up Military [286]

Talk all you want just dont talk about ww2 because you dont know nothing about it.

Oh dear.
3 Dec 2008
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

My aunt used to teach a young man from a religious family with the same surname. They called him Isaac.

True story.

Should Cilla Black change her surname? Oh and my friend has an uncle Paki (pet name for Patrick in Ireland)

Welcome to our lovely multi-cultural society :)

It's all about context, as has already been demonstrated:

A word in itself, and here I mean any word, is not offensive but the intentions can be. The word "murzyn" for me is a neutral word, however it can be used as a derogatory word if the person who uses it will have the intentions to offend.

1 Nov 2008
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [512]

Polish girlfriend.

I'm spending Christmas with her family in Czestochowa/Zakopane. Not sure about all this eating fish on Christmas Eve malarky though!!!
28 Oct 2008
News / Simon Mol is dead:No regrets [74]

wouldn't date a British girl because we have all AIDS

I knew a polish guy who said exactly the same thing to me. I found it quite bizarre!!

but thats what the cold shower is for now.

There are slightly more pleasurable alternatives...
10 Jul 2008
Love / My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site [158]

I am glad that you can laugh at others misfortune, must make you a big man huh. Maybe one day you will know the pain I am going through.

With the greatest of respect... It would appear that you do it to yourself.
23 Jun 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

People like noimmigration do need to be challenged

You wont change his opinion (if indeed it actually is).

If you went into pretty much any local pub in Britain today, you will encounter lots of "noimmigrations". Just because he is the minority on here, doesn't mean there aren't loads like him.

Most of their arguments are as badly constructed as his.

a badly worded topic on a web-forum isn't the best way to discuss it rationally.

It's this posting style which gets the biggest reaction. It's internet fishing at its best/worst...... Sit back and wait for the indignant replies to roll in.

It's a monster which doesn't need feeding. Best to swim past the bait without biting... the fisherman will soon find a new pond when he realises he has exhausted his supply of fish.
11 Jun 2008
Life / Is the word "Polack"rascist? [185]

it's not racist as polish is not a race.

Just to clarify...


1. a group of persons related by common descent or heredity.
2. a population so related.
3. Anthropology. a. any of the traditional divisions of humankind, the commonest being the Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro, characterized by supposedly distinctive and universal physical characteristics: no longer in technical use.

b. an arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes, esp. formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups.

c. a human population partially isolated reproductively from other populations, whose members share a greater degree of physical and genetic similarity with one another than with other humans.

4. a group of tribes or peoples forming an ethnic stock: the Slavic race.
5. any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.: the Dutch race.

So yes, it could be deemed as rascist. But like with most of these examples, it very much depends on the context in which it is used.