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5 Apr 2019
Life / The role of government agencies in Poland. Who is making decisions? [8]

I am in Poland. but from living and working in 3 US states, in the past, I dont recall so many things being decided, actioned or signed by some faceless collectives..where often each member will point at 'the others' if any questions arise.
4 Apr 2019
Life / Prejudice about Poles; Poland has changed [38]

Last weekend I helped someone move home. Left my truck hatch open, when I came back someone nicked my bike gloves. They must have just walked by, saw them and 'love at first sight'.. They were new, bought during my last US trip. I am so $€£@#!! off. Summer coming up. I have no bike gloves!!
4 Apr 2019
Life / The role of government agencies in Poland. Who is making decisions? [8]

Whats this thing about a 'rada' , a 'komisja' or 'komitet' always deciding things in Poland? Could this be because whilst all are happy to argue and force their will on others, should anything go ape @%#x, there's no single figure to take responsibility?

No use trying to get any person in a gmina, wojewodztwo or even a ministry to make a decision for you. Its always one of those faceless 'group entities'. Never implicating one person in choices they make.

Could I risk an assertion that in an inherent weakness of a socialist society is inability to produce people with any sense of pride and responsibility. Where authority is purposely kept free from the competent and honorable, able to make and answer for their decisions in PERSON? Any thoughts?
31 Mar 2019
Life / Owning a house in true countryside of Poland - stories [277]

In town one tends to have more neighbours, so at least some sense of shared responsibility exists. This stops unsociables from showing their true colors. In the country you may only have one neighbour. So, think up your strategy if he turns out to be a pain. Cause you will have no one to help you.
31 Mar 2019
Travel / Are Polish people as unfriendly as Slovaks? [83]

Countries and people, friendly to newbies, are no more! Best you can do is make a consistent effort to show that you share views, concerns and interests of your new hosts. and hope that they dont call you a spy.. Failing that you are on your own. Reason? Examples of mixing cultures with any success are all but gone.
10 Jan 2019
News / Man Charged in Escape Room Deaths in Warsaw, Poland [8]


Escape Room Tragedy

Frankly, I only learned about this being practiced for entertainment through this event. Does anyone know where the idea came from? And I wonder how many other "imports" fraught with risk to life have been let loose in Poland, without any thought given to proper licencing, regulations, or enforcing security standards. When it comes to wrecking lives and fortunes, the consumers in Poland dont seem to have much defence in their own law. I visualize our lawyers as standing next to EU behind, cap in hand , waiting for new laws like truffles to drop in, to translate to Polish language. Environment, vaccine quality control, toxic waste, engine emissions.. the lot! Unless EU wipes our bottom it stays dirty. What a shame that me, a consumer has to wait for EU to pass laws to prorect me because my own country's law lords are either totally inept or too busy organizing their wealth, careers, English lessons, foreign holiday exploits, or tv appearances.
1 Mar 2008
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Texas! [61]

Your advise is very appreciated.
I am a bit alarmed about the snakes and scorpions. I am sure
my wife will be wary of these. Are there any precautions one has to take
to prevent them from getting into the house, swimming pool,etc? Or how do little
children play in the sandpits in their gardens?,
Do mothers have to be conscious of this danger all the time?
29 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Texas! [61]

Sounds really good!

How about North Dallas near McKienny and Plano areas.
We have girls so they will need to go to either St Marks or
Prince of Peace schools,I guess..
Are they equally good?
Are state schools o.k. in those areas?
Do people find venomous snakes in their gardens?
Do schools run busses to collect/return children home every day?
How does one do without a local Driving Licence.?
(My wife and I have the UK Driving Licence but no doubt will need a local one.)
Could you name the company I need to look for for the Texas Driving Licence?

thank you and best wishes,,

28 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

Having a budget computer with a modest bandwidth I am prevented from publishing my full speech on this issue but people who isist on pasting corny pictures under their comments.
28 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Texas! [61]


Due to some emerging job prospects I would like to know if there are any Polish expats living in Dallas, willing to share what life is like in their city. In the main I need to know how people with children fare in the all private health care environment. Also about catholic elementary schools who charge a fair wack,...and then some more.:)

And how they compare to other schools. One thing, here in Europe there seems to be a lot of mythology about life in Texas, about culture and about guns, is it really a desert without much green.(Pardon my lack of knowledge). We as a family have already lived outside Poland. i.e. Western Canada and the U.K. But Texas, from distance, seems slightly more intense, plus of course the summer heat. I appreciate any advise you may have. Gezza