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26 Aug 2010
Language / What do you like in Polish language? [70] girlfriend is from Dvor located in Croatia... meaning the same thing and also they say Polje for our Pole.
6 Apr 2010
History / The great mistakes of Poland's history? [216]

The greatest mistake of us was when our cultural, political and civilizing processes turned to the East and our ancestors gave up the idea of the Latin united Europe .

Poland's culture and language would be completely non-slavic today if not for such a smart move by our slavic ancestors to stay east. After all Mieszko was only baptized after pressure.

Yes, it happened after union with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and had (possibly still has) enormous impact on Polish mentality, our way of thinking and acting - it's why Poles are more like Ukrainians and not like Germans or Czechs.

You lack Rzeczpospolita history, Polish language and culture was dominant in the commonwealth and is the reason why most Ukrainians(Ruthenians) didn't like the idea of joining + having to convert to Catholicism. Czechs republic is divided on culture and way of life by region to region, obviously lands occupied under different countries had effects on way of life.

Well ... personally I enjoy being "semi-Asiatic" but what were our long run-benefits of the Jagellons' Union ?

Why do you come off as sounding greedy? Benefits lol...Poland was culturally aware of everything during that period. Every country in the world has its downfall - Byzantine and Roman Empire, Imperial Russia as did Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Siding with Germans (Teutonic Order) against pagan Lithuanian and Orthodox Russins would have been by far more profitable than any aliance with Lithuanians, Ukrainians or Belorussia (whatever it meant 600 years ago).
If not the Union, Poland would be today more like rich Germany or the Netherlands on the contrary to the poor European East.

It was all because of pressure from the church, in reality Poles didn't care for Lithuanian Pagans as Paganism in Poland was still being practiced. The profits at that time would have been land and so what Poland had a war with Teutonic order soon after. Slavs and Balts have had to be always close with each other suffering from invasion from all angles for example - Huns, Turks, Mongols, Swedes.
6 Apr 2010
History / The great mistakes of Poland's history? [216]

From reading the last 3 pages, quite a number of people are required to learn Polish history 101, properly this time round. Also, to the thread maker...why are you talking such rubbish? Poland has always been a Slavic country which borders the Saxons, there are no reasons to wish to be like them nor in history has Poland ever been WESTERN. If you did your research on this you would know there was influences from both east and west which includes music and language obviously depending on which region you are talking about.
25 Dec 2009
Language / Ukrainian language similar to Polish? [236]

From my ear and readings of old writings and new, The closest language to Polish would be Czech although it use to be old Ukrainian/Ruthenian/Belorussian! Ever since Russian language reformation it has dominated Ukraine & Belorus just like when Serbian/Croatia language had the reformation under karadjordje the words were simplified and you write as you speak which is completely different in most other Slavic languages, the accent and words have changed dramatically. OF COURSE in Ukraine the western areas speak standard Ukrainian but still have that Russified accent and on the east just speak Russian. For Belorus its the other way around, some Russians even can't understand them if it wasn't for there accent and ability to also speak Russian they would have little to no luck. Sadly Belarussian is not spoken so much in their own country anymore....
9 Feb 2008
Life / Polish Folk Music [30]

Thread attached on merging:
Folk music

im looking for some polish folk songs that are popular or that you like and if possible have akordeon/harmonika playing in them thanks.
9 Feb 2008
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1080]

Poland is East..look below all the countries that call themself south-eastern, bosnia, serbia ,macedonia (We are in the same line on the map). 3 countries can call themself central as they are in line with each other - Czech Republic, Austria & Slovenia and are between east and west (Germany & Poland). That is where europe splits.