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7 Mar 2008
Love / Do Polish date Spanish people [49]

lol when i said spanish i forgot to say i was from the dominican republic. am light brown skin like halle berry or just a little lighter than her. nice straight hair brown eyes. and polish girls do date londonchick cuz my ex is polsih am just having trouble finding another polish girlfriend. i dont know why but i love white girls. before i was into american white girls but polish 1 know how to have more fun and threat people better. i think
12 Mar 2008
Love / Do Polish date Spanish people [49]


i would date handsome spanish man because i like dark eyes, hair and tanned skin ;)) but only if he had not spanish attitude to girls.

panienka i agree with you am spanish but i think you right some spanish people thing girls are property but it all depends on where you grew up. i grew up here in new york so am not the macho type since i grew up with all type of people around me blacks , white, spanish , ect ect new york is all mix. most of my friends say am not dominican because of the way i act or what i eat. only thing i got from a dominican is the looks. light caramel skin, dark brown eyes , really dark hair 5'10" height 175 pounds