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Are Polish Women very promiscuous towards foreigners and refugees?

TheMilfman 1 | 2
3 Jun 2017 #1
I am referring to something a read in a polish newspaper some years back about one Simon Mol, that infected 40-100 young polish girls aged 20-25 with HIV-AIDS. Now the article said that the reason being was because of political correctness, the girls didn't want to seem racist or it was trendy to sleep with African guys or foreigners during that time. 40-100 young polish girls is a lot for a African refugee. What is your view on this topic?
cms 9 | 1,255
3 Jun 2017 #2
I think stupidity and naivety rather than political correctness. Levels of education about AIDS were quite low in Poland after the end of communism. I know that's not the version you want to hear but it's more likely.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
3 Jun 2017 #3
Yea I don't think the government event kept statistics on hiv/aids during the commie years. Much of the hiv that was spread though was due to drug use namely kompot. A dealer would walk around with a big syringe and sell doses out of that large syringe. Oftentimes people shared the liquid which would have some blood in it or share a needle.

Also polish girls may find foreigners unique and exotic and all but will typically settle down with their own kind. They may sleep with a foreigner for the experience just as men do with foreign women. I don't think that's unique to poland though but rather the world at large. People are generally intrigued by things and people that are different.

During communism and even the early 90s there were hardly any Africans or other foreigners in poland. There were some students from the young pioneers club from other commie/socialist countries or allies of such countries. In general though poland was even more homogenous than it is now and even now its well over 90% polish.

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