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National Service (Conscription) in Poland during 1938-1968 period

Marilyn 1 | -
25 Jun 2015 #1
Can anybody tell me whether there was National Service (conscription) in Poland in the period 1938-1968 please. Any info or links would be really appreciated. Thank you.
29 Jun 2015 #2
Not sure this helps... Check this out with google translator:

Compulsory military service related mainly to men, (even though the law explicitly allows for the possibility of accepting volunteers for military service) from 21 to 60 years of age residing in the Second Republic [...]

Compulsory military service, however, were covered only men in the period from January 1 this year, which ends 21 years until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 23 years old. However, in case of mobilization and war were allowed reduction of this period to 18 years. In the event of war and mobilization to the call of district authorities also they have to appear citizens aged 18-23 years, who are already performing military service.

Conscripts were eligible for category A (capable), B (temporarily incapable - only for 21-22 year olds), E (totally incapable of military service), C (unfit to arms) or D (capable of auxiliary military service) .

From the collection in 1938. Military service was to be:
a) in the cavalry and artillery - 25 months
b) in other formations WP - 24 months
c) MWP - 27 months,44/warunki-poboru-do-wojska-polskiego-w-ii-rp,442.html

The law was changed in 1967 - the new act came into force.
Turbowicz 4 | 13
2 Sep 2017 #3

Conscription in Russian Poland before Druga Rzeczpospolita (Second Polish Republic)

Cześć Wszyscy. Our dziadzia emigrated from Wiślica to the US in 1913 when he was 17. He returned only once, after WWI as a member of Haller's Army with which he remained after Cud Nad Wisłą and the end of the Polish-Bolshevik War. Wiślica is still small; prior to WWII with the local Jewish population I believe that maybe 2000 people lived in the area and unemployment was high. I read recently that at the end of the 19th century, many young men, as young as 17, emigrated from Galicia because of conscription into the Austro-Hungarian military. This Wikipedia page suggests that Russia conscripted men who were older, beginning at age 21:

Never thought to ask our dziadek but might he have decided to emigrate to the US to avoid conscription as well as a lack of career opportunities?


P.S. is a new site with marvelous photos taken in 1915:

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