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ww2 polish military abreviations

Fast Eddie 1 | 1
22 May 2023 #1
Hi am trying to decipher my Grandads military history, like a lot of the men of his generation he never said a word about it.

I have his military info from the Mod, other than trying to work out the hand written text; the sticking point at the moment are the abbreviations.

He is shown to be in something that is either 28.P.S.K or J.S.K in Lodz in 1934-36. does anyone know of a list of unit abbreviations?
GefreiterKania 32 | 1,327
22 May 2023 #2
28.P.S.K in Lodz in 1934-36

Wow! A rather famous unit! 28 Pułk Strzelców Kaniowskich (28th Kaniowski Rifle Regiment).

They were formed in Volyn in 1919 and fought against Ukrainians, against Czechs in Cieszyn Silesia and then, of course, against Soviets in the Battle of Warsaw. In the interwar period it was stationed in Łódź as a part of 10th Infantry Division.

There is even a historical reconstruction group for the unit. Here's their Facebook page...

... there's a lot of photos, maps and other information. Try to contact them for further details of anything related to 28. PSK.
OP Fast Eddie 1 | 1
22 May 2023 #3
Thats fantastic, thanks for getting back to me. that might help me decipher where he was during the war.
GefreiterKania 32 | 1,327
22 May 2023 #4
Happy to help. I hope you find all the information you need about your Grandad. Fingers crossed!

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