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Memorial to honour the thousands of Scottish-based Polish soldiers

celinski 31 | 1,258
4 Nov 2008 #1
Fantastic article on Polish Scottish history. :)

Park tribute is the bear necessity to honour Polish army

A NEW memorial to honour the thousands of Scottish-based Polish soldiers -
and one bear - who fought in the Second World War is to be unveiled inEdinburgh.

The tribute, organised by community activists, is designed to celebrate thehistoric links between Edinburgh and Poland, which span hundreds of years.

The three-stone structure is to be erected this week in Broughton's RedbraesPark, ahead of its official unveiling on Remembrance Sunday - also Polish Independence Day.

He said: "We very much see this as something to allow people to rememberthat the Polish were fighting for all our freedom. I hope too that it will further deepen Scottish and Polish relations."
Seanus 15 | 19,672
4 Nov 2008 #2
Please take THE effort. Sorry Admin, just being a teacher. U could say, 'please make an effort to read.....'. Make an, take the

Yeah, I was discussing such relations today Celinski. I think a deepening of ties is within the interests of both of our countries. There are many up and coming young people in Poland, the kids I teach are probably sharper than Tusk.

Thanks for the link Celinski and thanks for the Obama vote. I assume u r voting Obama :)
6 Nov 2010 #3
Merged: Polish troops in Scotland during WWII

Could any one please help me? I am researching British county houses during World War Two. I am trying to find information on the 24th Polish Lancers who were in Lauder, Scotland during the war. I am afraid that I do not know when they were there. I am not sure if I have the right group. I know that there were Polish troops in Lauder but I am not sure who they were. It this point in my research it seams to have been part of the 24th Polish Lancers. I welcome any help any one could give.

Thank you,


I am also instrested in trying to find out more about Polish troops based at Callendar House near Falkirk.

Thank you,

8 Nov 2010 #4
Johnnie try Polonica in Scotland it's a wbsite dedicated to the First Polish Armoured Division/another is For our Freedom and Yours both Scottish based
8 Nov 2010 #5
There's an unveiling of a monument to Wojtek the Soldier Bear next sunday!/event.php?eid=159697647401527
joseph smith - | 1
25 Feb 2013 #6
my name is joseph smith and live in linlithgow, edinburgh, scotland. i created a website in honour of the polish ambulance unit stationed in our town during ww2 but i am embarking on an ambitious project to create a new website photographing the polish camps and notable places in a before and after format.

if anyone has photos with identifiable scenarios i will endevour to include these as i have information on the troops disposition in the various towns

25 Jun 2013 #8
Merged: Polish Troops during WW2 in Benholm Castle

Can anyone offer information about the use of Benholm Castle Kincardineshire by Polish Troops during WW2

With thanks
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,148
25 Jun 2013 #9
I found a note that it was used as a military hospital.
25 Jun 2013 #10
Thank you. Can you tell me where I might find this information.


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