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Typical Polish Eye Color

29 May 2017 #61
Curious as to eye colors and came across this site. My dad was polish,and his mom like him, had bright light blue eyes. Three of his children have the same eyes. (Me being one) And now my daughter has them as well. We all had very blonde hair when children as well...
31 May 2018 #62
I have them from my polish grandpa‚ô°
11 Jun 2018 #63
Im polish and we many have a earthy eye colour so its mixed with blue and green it starts green in thee center and then becomes blue
Lyzko 24 | 6,788
11 Jun 2018 #64
"Earthy" eye color, Emilia? Not sure I can quite picture it from your description. "Muddy colored", perhaps? The last part I think I got.
13 Apr 2019 #65
My father, Polish American, has very light green eyes...with hints of yellow. I also have bright green eyes. My Ukranian mother moved to the US as a child. Reading the comments makes me wonder if the green eyes came from my mother or my father. Either way, they are unique and I love them.

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