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Szczyglowski of Sugajno

8 Feb 2012 #1
Hi all

I'm really hoping someone may be able to help. I'm looking for descendants of Walenty Szczyglowski, born 1916 in Sugajno, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland. He came to England after the war around 1945. He married and made his life in London. My Husband is his grandson. Walenty had a twin brother Teofil, 2 brothers named Alfonz and Jozef and 2 sisters (I'm not sure of the names). We believe they all remained in Poland around Sugajno after the war. Their parents were Jozef and possibly Francesca. Does anyone know of Sugajno. I think it's a small town, so I'm hoping that if someone knows the town, they'll know the family??? Any help on finding Polish ancestors would be appreciated as not speaking Polish is creating a barrier.

Thank you
Artur - | 13
27 Mar 2012 #2
This was your first try maybe? eeurope.poland.kujawsko-pomorskie
franciszek - | 4
3 May 2014 #3
Hello my father was from this village he was 15 when Poland was conquered and came to England after the war you can contact me on if you wish my name is Franciszek(frank)Bryszkiewski

Hi should have mentioned a cousin i have who lives in the USA traced his Grandmothers roots who was my fathers aunt, he visited the villiage and wrote a book the villiage is only small also i have a 2nd cousin who could ask his family.Look up and you will find my cousins blog
10 Sep 2018 #4
Hello Gemma,
I have some information about Szczyglowski family.If you want to no more please contact me.
OP Dills
20 Apr 2020 #5
Yes Please. I would love to know more.

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