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Polish soil - who wants to buy? Does it have any sentimental value?

12 Jan 2010 #1
This is a question for Poles abroad (USA, GB & other countries): if you had a choice - would you buy a few pounds of polish soil, photography (or/and video) from your (or your ancestors) dwelling place in Poland? Have it got any sentimental value for you?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 Jan 2010 #2
Dunno if this is practised elsewhere in Diaspora, but in the USA some Polish-born Polonians keep a handful of Polish soil on hand to be sprinkled on their coffins at the graveside funeral ceremony. They are therefore symbolcially laid to rest in the soil from whence they sprang.

The place to advertise this (and other goods and services of Pol-Am interest) would be the largest-circulation All-English-language Polish-themed newspaper published in the US:
Polish-American Journal (based just outside Buffalo, NY)
info@ polamjournal.coml
caprice49 4 | 224
15 Jan 2010 #3
polish soil,

Poles in the UK who were unable to return to Poland under communism did obtain Polish soil which was used to put on the coffin when buried.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Jan 2010 #4
How much is the Polish soil worth then...? I have tons of it in my garden...!
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
15 Jan 2010 #5
Me too!

This idea reminds me a little bit of the piece of the Berlin Wall that my father bought (Although he was right at the wall when it came down, he still paid somebody for a piece of it along with a t-shirt that reads "I was there" in German.) It is a really cool piece of rock, chipped out of the wall. Interestingly enough it has graffiti on all sides, hee, hee.
SoilFromPoland - | 3
9 Jun 2012 #6
Now it is possible through Soil From Poland :)
3 Apr 2013 #7
also is possible since 2011 @
dirtydirt - | 1
3 Apr 2013 #8
Dirty Dirt's official polish dirt is gathered from fields of Warsaw's suburbs, Mazovia and processed in accordance to polish traditional folklore guidelines. The company produces and markets its polish soil products under its official polish Dirty Dirt brand. Our soil is processed and packed in Poland, prior to being shipped to our distribution center, near Atlanta, Georgia, where all orders are processed and dispatched.

Dirt is packed in very elegant jute sacks, which are convenient and easy to transport.

Our products represent a small, simple way to regain the powerful mystical connection to Poland, delighting the senses and the imagination. They encapsulate the essence of heritage and belonging to the polish Diaspora, allowing them to feel like a part of Poland again. Our products are authentic, beautifully packaged and affordably priced.

In special situations people value the thoughtfulness of the gift and not the price of it. There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. In those circumstances it is very hard to find comforting words. The sack with polish dirt given as a gift would mean more than a thousand words, because it is a gesture of understanding and love.

Many of polish emigrants dream about being buried in polish soil. We can help convert this dream to reality. Using polish dirt from Dirty Dirt company it will not only built a great memory and tradition, but also gives you a special connection with Poland. You do not have to buy an expensive ticket and travel to Poland, when your health is not in a great shape. Thanks to Dirty Dirt you can have a piece of Poland wit you!

If being patriotic is an important value to you, by bringing Dirty Dirt product to your home may give you a chance of rebuilding a special connection with homeland. You can show your patriotic relationship with Poland and patriotic tradition in your family can only became stronger.

We invite you to consider our offer, because polish dirt it is a symbol of something priceless, lasting, which never fades
pawian 195 | 19,915
20 Oct 2019 #9
Have it got any sentimental value for you?

Of course. Here is a bag of soil from Kru┼╝ewniki, the dearest keepsake from my ancestors.

martalucky3 - | 1
21 Dec 2020 #10
Does anyone sell and ship Polish soil?
pawian 195 | 19,915
21 Dec 2020 #11
Nope. You need to ask sb who travels to Poland to bring you some.

The guys who used to run this business don`t anymore.

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