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Looking for Robak

24 Mar 2006 #1
My great grandfather, Wladyslaw Robak, came from Poland in 1912. I am trying to trace my roots but do not have much family to ask...his World War I draft registration says he came from Ploezcky, Poland, Russia. I am unable to find Ploezcky anywhere...does anyone have any input on this place or Robaks in or around that area?

I am new to tracing family, so thanks for any help you have to offer!
OP Guest
25 Mar 2006 #2
Ploezcky could be Plock (Pl/ock). Was this a town or a village? Plock is a moderately large town
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25 Mar 2006 #3
Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure if it was a town or village. I do know his family owned a horse farm, so perhaps a village? If it was a village, would it not be listed on any maps? I think I'll research Plock, that seems to be the closest to what's written.

Again, thank you for your help.
MsEllie80 - | 1
13 Apr 2021 #4

Information on Robak

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for information on the parents of my Great Grandfather Adam Robak

Born in Modla Poland (Russian part of the country) Nov 29 1894

He came to the US in 1910 on the Ryndam into Ellis Island. via Rotterdam, Holland (his name is listed as Adam Robat)

His Parents names (according to his marriage license to my Great Grandmother) Were Josef Robak and Josefa Drajejak (I assume this is correct spelling based on Adam's marriage license )

I would love to be about to get more information for this side of the family and have been stuck for a number of years. I need more on his wife Aniela Nowak as well but I figured I start with one side first.

Thank you for your help.


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