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Records from pre-1914 Będzin and Sosnowiec

marklondon 1 | -    
18 Dec 2015  #1
Hi everyone,

I'm doing some research on my Polish Jewish grandfather (born in 1907), trying to find out where he was born, and to find a birth certificate. The family originally came from Działoszyce, north-east of Krakow, but a genealogist I hired to look through records there found birth records for my great-grandfather, but not my grandfather.

More recently, I discovered some old family notes saying that my grandfather's immediate family had lived for a period in Będzin (just outside Katowice). I also discovered some old letters between my grandfather and a cousin living in Sosnowiec (next to Będzin). So I'm wondering if my grandfather might have actually been born in either Będzin or Sosnowiec.

Can anyone advise me where would be the best place to go to look for these birth records? Of course, I have checked every online resource I can think of (Ancestry, FaimlySearch, Jewishgen). But would the Polish state archives have these records? Does the fact that Katowice was part of Germany in 1907 complicate things?

Many thanks for your help!
Pol attorney 2 | 106    
21 Dec 2015  #2
I would say that you will find those records in the Polish archives in Katowice or Bedzin and Sosnowiec. You may also try to search churches' records and archives there to find baptism certificates (if there was Christian baptism in the family or marriage, etc.). Some records could have got lost or damaged due to wwi and wwii, but it's still very likely that birth records will still be there.

It's also possible to check Court records and archives in case if there were any legal or court cases involving your family members.

In some cases, it may be necessary to go to Katowice and other towns personally to verify this.
TheOther 5 | 3,514    
21 Dec 2015  #3
I have checked every online resource I can think of (Ancestry, FaimlySearch, Jewishgen).

Have you seen this one as well?
Legal Eagle    
21 Dec 2015  #4
Records over a hundred years old should be available in the archives. Much of it is available online:
29 Jun 2016  #5
Merged: Birth records in Sosnowiec 1906

I am trying to find a birth certificate for my father who was born in 1906 in Sosnowiec, Poland. I am told it is very difficult to locate archives but would like to email the appropriate record office. is there any place I can search with limited Polish. Also how would I find education records for my father? I think he was at school at Łodz and then at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I keep running into brick walls! Can anybody advise me please.
terri 1 | 1,483    
29 Jun 2016  #6
This will be very difficult, almost impossible to find. There were two World Wars in between, records would probably be destroyed. You could try the School of Fine Arts and work backwards.
TheOther 5 | 3,514    
  29 Jun 2016  #7
Was your father Catholic, Lutheran or Jewish?
14 Apr 2018  #8
You may want to contact Adam Szydlowski, who is an expert on Jewish records in Bedzin.

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