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Seeking relatives of Klepadlo family, originally from Brzeniny, Poland

8 Sep 2012 #1
I am trying to find relatives of my fathers family. His name was Leszek Banjamin Klepadlo. He was born in Brzeziny, Poland in 1937. His parents were Franciszek Klepadlo and Anna Supinksi. They came to the US in 1947 to Coram, NY. and later resided in Maspeth, NY and then in Elmont, NY. be fore they passed away. I would also like to find out some history of the Klepadlo name and its origins. Thank you so much
catsoldier 62 | 595
8 Sep 2012 #2
I would also like to find out some history of the Klepadlo name and its origins.
I couldn't translate it 100% as I am only a learner, this name comes from old Polish, it is a name for something, the link says that klepadło is kołatka


It could be that someone in your family made door knockers.
boletus 30 | 1,366
8 Sep 2012 #3
I couldn't translate it 100% as I am only a learner, this name comes from old Polish, it is a name for something, the link says that klepadło is kołatka

You are on a good track. The verb "klepać" means to clap, to strike. So it could lead to door knocking, as you said, and hence to the noun "kołatka". It could also mean "klepać kosę", to clap a scythe - the first stage of sharpening it. It could also derive from the Old Polish "klepadło", a kind of a fish net.

Original poster: There are 446 people using "Klepadło" surname in Poland, but 0 "Klepadlo". So make sure that you use the correct spelling when searching Polish sources. That's KLEPAD£O: the second letter is a regular L, but the seventh one is £ - L with stroke, roughly pronounced as English W.

The biggest distribution of the Klepadło surname in Poland is in NE Poland: Counties Mońki (160), Białystok (87), Ełk (35) and Gryfino (29).

There are 37 villages and towns named Brzeziny in Poland. The one best matching the "Klepadło" distribution, is this: Village Brzeziny, Gmina Trzcianne, Mońki County, Podlaskie Voivodship .

Anna SUPIŃSKA (again, watch the spelling, this is N acute): the name SUPIŃSKI (male) and SUPIŃSKA (female) derives from the village Supienie, Gmina Filipów, Suwałki County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, NE Poland.

The combined Supiński/Supińska current name distribution is this: Total: 1319
Ełk County: 107
Mońki County: 58
Białystok(city+county): 144
£omża County: 53
Zambrów County: 47

So both names Klepadło and Supińska are again pointing to Mońki County as highly probable place of living of your ancestors. So Brzeziny, or any other village in its former parish Trzcianna would be a highly probable place of living for Franciszek and Anna.

There is an ongoing GENETEKA project, which combines efforts of hundreds of volunteers, who browse hundreds of parish books from various time periods and digitize them.

This shows that the surname KLEPAD£O appears in databases of three voivodships:
Mazowieckie (19 births, 7 deaths, 7 marriages), Warszawa (6, 0, 6), Podlaskie (58, 65, 18). Concentrating on Podlaskie you can see the following picture:

58 births between 1836-1848, surname Klepadło, village Trzcianne
65 death between 1831-1848, surname Klepadło, village Trzcianne
18 marriages between 1800-1848, surname Klepadło, village Trzcianne (1 Tykocin)

What it also tells us is this: the indexing from this area is highly incomplete, for whatever reason: missing parish books, or just work in progress. So there is no digitized record for marriage of Anna Supińska and Franciszek Klepadło, neither the digitized birth certificate of Leszek Benjamin Klepadlo, Brzeziny, 1937.

Currently village Brzeziny belongs to Laskowiec Parish (2 km away), which has been established sometime after 1958. I supposed that Brzeziny used to belong to Trzcianne Parish before that and and all the parish books are still there.

Parafia p.w. Św. Apostołów Piotra i Pawła (St. Appostles Peter and Paul Parish), Trzcianne

ulica 3 maja 33
19-104 Trzcianne

Telefon: (85) 738-50-08
Telefon/fax: (85) 738-50-94

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OP neferterit1
14 Dec 2013 #4
Thank you so much for all of this information!
30 Oct 2014 #5
Hi neferterit1,

We are probably distant relations. My g.grandfather (Bolesław Bogdanowicz) and his half-brother Frank Supiński came from Nowa Wieś in Mońki County sometime in the mid-1880's.

Bolesław's parents were Jan Bogdanowicz and Weronica Klepadło.

Unfortunately the on-line records at for Trzcianne end before 1850 so I can't establish anything more.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
1 Nov 2014 #6
BODANOWICZ: a straightforward patronymic nickname-turned-surname meaning Bogdan's son.

SUPIŃSKI: originated as a toponymic nick for a villager from Supienie in the Suwałki area along the Lithuanian border.

That of course is a typo. It should be BOGDANOWICZ!
13 Jul 2015 #7
My name is grace arbuiso/maiden name grazyna supinski. I am your father's les first cousin. Your grandmother Anna was my father's Bronislaw Supinski sister. I'm 55 and currently live in pa. We lived in ridgewood when you all were young and I remember visiting you and your grandparents at their house in long island. I remember your names, Frankie, patricia and Teresa. I don't know to much about uncle Frank's family, but can give you some information about your grandmother's family. Send me. A message on gracearbuiso@yahoo. hope to hear from you soon.
18 Aug 2018 #8
My name is John William Klepadlo as far as I know my grand parents came from Poland in or about 1914 - 1916
6 Apr 2021 #9
Found this thread a few years late. Rachel Irena Klepadlo, family is Gracki / Klepadlo from that region. My family came to Maspeth NY in 1966 and still in the NY/PA area.

Feel free to email me

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