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Paprotnia Poland 1800-1900

WrobelIan 1 | 3
15 Nov 2016 #1
I was wondering if anyone knows more information about the location of Paprotnia Poland. There are multiple places with the same name today.
Im researching my great grandparents Jozef Wrobel born Oct.4th 1892. His parents were Franciszek Wrobel and Jozefa Kaluszynski. My great grandmother Adamina Topolski born Nov. 5th 1896. Her parents were Kaspar Topolski and Victoria Rybicki. from what I know they were both born in the same village Paprotnia. I have crude photo copies of the immigration papers from the 80s made by a family member before I was born and noticed several of her mistakes so now im trying to find my own information. He left through Bremen Germany on ss konigen Luise and arrived in the Baltimore,Md june 2nd 1914 for his 2nd and final trip here. ( I dont know the dates or info on his first trip to the us) on his naturalization papers its says from the republic of Poland. My great grandmother left on the ss barbarossa and arrived in NY Ellis Island Nov. 14th 1912 ( I dont have a copy of her oath of allegiance or hers is different than his) I also cant find the place in her papers right that says Russia. All of the copies I have are horrible quality. so basically im looking for information on where Paprotnia would have been back then. Any other information would just be bonus.

Thank you to anyone who can help

TheOther 6 | 3,692
16 Nov 2016 #2
Try the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild at for the Baltimore arrivals, and the Ellis Island web site for NYC. It should be quite easy to obtain high quality copies of the original ship manifests as well as the naturalization records. I would also suggest to search the various census records that are available online.

Did you check the LDS database already?
OP WrobelIan 1 | 3
16 Nov 2016 #3
Thanks for your reply. My great grandfather is not listed on the website. Also I have the 1940 census information already.
My goal is to find more information on his Grandfather,father,mother,brothers and sisters in poland. I know everyone in America in my family. I would like to find the same information on my great grandmothers family in Poland. Where would I look for Polish records? I assume birth certificates and baptism records would help.Is there a site with the information translated? Also wouldnt I need to know the place they are from? Paprotnia today isnt the same location as Paprotnia in 1892 right?
TheOther 6 | 3,692
16 Nov 2016 #4
First of all, you will need to find out which Paprotnia ( ) is the correct one. Once you know, check which parish was responsible, and then check at which state archive the relevant church books are now stored (provided they have survived the war and/ or weren't looted by the Soviets). Many records have been digitized lately with the help of EU funds, so you might be lucky to find what you're looking for online.

If you can't narrow it down, you will have to check a lot of church books, I'm afraid. Were your ancestors catholic or Jewish?
TheOther 6 | 3,692
16 Nov 2016 #5
Just checked the LDS database and found your great grandfather's draft registration card. He was born in the town of Konin.

Try to find his parents in the church books of that area.
OP WrobelIan 1 | 3
17 Nov 2016 #6
Thank you so much. They were catholic. It says on my great grandmothers paperwork "russia" so I assume it was an area under russian control. Ive been worried that the documents might have been destroyed by the soviets. I know he came back to Poland from the us to register for the draft and was late so he was put in jail. I will spend some time tonight looking at the links that you have provided. Again Thank You!
TheOther 6 | 3,692
17 Nov 2016 #7
I assume it was an area under russian control

Yes, Konin was part of the Russian Empire in 1892. The draft registration card is misleading when it mentions Poland as the country of birth. Anyway, I'd bet your great grandmother came from the same area. Folks weren't too mobile at that time. Maybe 50 miles or so from their hometown, but that's it.
OP WrobelIan 1 | 3
17 Nov 2016 #8
its kind of weird that he filled out a draft registration at 49 too right?
TheOther 6 | 3,692
17 Nov 2016 #9

"After Pearl Harbor the STSA was further amended (December 19, 1941), extending the term of service to the duration of the war and six months and requiring the registration of all men 18 to 65 years of age."
Paprotnia - | 1
4 Feb 2021 #10
Hi, Wrobellan, please send me PM, if you see my post.

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