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How can I find my family in Poland? (Hochajzel) Malinowska.

30 Aug 2012  #1
I am trying to locate my family in Poland, specifically from Plok (?). I found a second cousin on the internet on a polish website - Agnieszka (Hochajzel) Malinowska, but I am not able to email her via that website. Her mother's name is Barbara Lemanski Hochajzel and she is also from Plok. We are planning a visit there next month and would like to see them but do not know where they are or how to contact them. I don't know who I can call in Poland to help me with my search. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Daniela, granddaughter of Maria Borkowska Kliem.
boletus 30 | 1,367
30 Aug 2012  #2
To start with: this is P£OCK, not PLOK. The second consonant, £, is known as L with stroke - roughly pronounced as English "w". The fourth character, C, is pronounced separately from K, approximately as TZ or TS in English. So putting it all together: P£OCK is pronounced PWOTZK, more or less.

I found Agnieszka Malinowska (Hochajzel) on the list of the portal "Nasza klasa" (our class), which lists various students from the school "Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno-Kupieckich Płock" (A unit of economic-business schools, Płock). She is listed under "Klasa BLT 1996-2000". That would make her about 30 years old now, more or less.

You can see her picture here (with her daughter, it seems), But in order to send her a message you have to register to the portal. You can register just as a guest. If for some reason she is hard to reach you can send a message to her class teacher or to any other student from this class.
Zazulka 3 | 129
31 Aug 2012  #3
Daniela, send me your introduction with your email address and I will forward this info to Agnieszka through my naszaklasa account. She will be able to reply directly to you via email.
Daniela - | 1
31 Aug 2012  #4
Hi Zazulka,

Thank you for helping me with this. I cannot email you or provide you with my email address until I have posted two messages. I will try once again.

dryndryn - | 2
29 Oct 2012  #5
Daniela did you find?
2 Nov 2012  #6
No I did not. I tried to on that website but had no luck. My email address is holly033 at msn
Thank you
dryndryn - | 2
2 Nov 2012  #7
I sent you a message, please reply
15 Jul 2017  #8

Looking for Malinowska family -Penza area

Josef Malinowska from Pe(n)za, born 1879, immigrated to US in 1902-3 via Moltke Hamburg liner. I'm looking for family left behind, including a father that supposedly lived to a very old age into 1940 (?) According to Josef's passenger record into NY, USA, he was visiting an uncle by the name of Josef/John Szczepansky. Thank you.

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