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How can I find my family in Poland? (Hochajzel) Malinowska.

30 Aug 2012 #1
I am trying to locate my family in Poland, specifically from Plok (?). I found a second cousin on the internet on a polish website - Agnieszka (Hochajzel) Malinowska, but I am not able to email her via that website. Her mother's name is Barbara Lemanski Hochajzel and she is also from Plok. We are planning a visit there next month and would like to see them but do not know where they are or how to contact them. I don't know who I can call in Poland to help me with my search. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Daniela, granddaughter of Maria Borkowska Kliem.
boletus 30 | 1,366
30 Aug 2012 #2
To start with: this is P£OCK, not PLOK. The second consonant, £, is known as L with stroke - roughly pronounced as English "w". The fourth character, C, is pronounced separately from K, approximately as TZ or TS in English. So putting it all together: P£OCK is pronounced PWOTZK, more or less.

I found Agnieszka Malinowska (Hochajzel) on the list of the portal "Nasza klasa" (our class), which lists various students from the school "Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno-Kupieckich Płock" (A unit of economic-business schools, Płock). She is listed under "Klasa BLT 1996-2000". That would make her about 30 years old now, more or less.

You can see her picture here (with her daughter, it seems), But in order to send her a message you have to register to the portal. You can register just as a guest. If for some reason she is hard to reach you can send a message to her class teacher or to any other student from this class.
Zazulka 3 | 129
31 Aug 2012 #3
Daniela, send me your introduction with your email address and I will forward this info to Agnieszka through my naszaklasa account. She will be able to reply directly to you via email.
Daniela - | 1
31 Aug 2012 #4
Hi Zazulka,

Thank you for helping me with this. I cannot email you or provide you with my email address until I have posted two messages. I will try once again.

dryndryn - | 2
29 Oct 2012 #5
Daniela did you find?
2 Nov 2012 #6
No I did not. I tried to on that website but had no luck. My email address is holly033 at msn
Thank you
dryndryn - | 2
2 Nov 2012 #7
I sent you a message, please reply
15 Jul 2017 #8

Looking for Malinowska family -Penza area

Josef Malinowska from Pe(n)za, born 1879, immigrated to US in 1902-3 via Moltke Hamburg liner. I'm looking for family left behind, including a father that supposedly lived to a very old age into 1940 (?) According to Josef's passenger record into NY, USA, he was visiting an uncle by the name of Josef/John Szczepansky. Thank you.
7 Sep 2019 #9

Sosnowiec Poland - looking for ancestors of Zofia Malinowska who was living there in the 1920's

My father and his mother (Henryk nowak and Anastasia nowak) left Sosnowiec in 1927 and listed Zofia Malinowska of Sosnowiec as an Aunt and the nearest relative
kaprys 3 | 2,501
7 Sep 2019 #10
Nowak is the most popular surname in Poland. Malinowski/a is less popular but still there are roughly 50 thousand users. We don't know if that was her maiden or married name, we don't know what religion she was.

Try Facebook and pages like spotted. Write a post there. It'll reach more people.
23 Sep 2019 #11
I would like to locate my family in Olawa Poland. They use the surname Ingram. I have an address that they used in 1958, but it is written in Polish. I am American born descendant. Can anyone help me? What is the best way to reach them if they still live in the area? My email is

The address we have written in Polish is: Ward Ingram Wtaolystam
It is difficult to read the handwriting and understand the letter in the Polish written words that I have on an old envelope.

I will try to write the address again using some Polish alphabet
I am looking for a family using INGRAM surname from the Oława Poland

Walol Ingram Wtoolystam
Wolnosci 7

They were there in 1958. Can someone help me?
pawian 179 | 16,332
23 Sep 2019 #12
Ward Ingram Wtaolystam

That is nice gibberish. The only word which rings the bell is Wtaloystam - first name Władysław. If I wasn`t sick, I would play Holmes and try to decipher the rest. Now I don`t feel like it.

You`d better post a close-up photo of that paper.

Have you tried to locate the surname Ingram in Poland? Check this site:
24 Sep 2019 #13
Thanks for the feedback. It is difficult to read the handwriting and not certain what letters they actually wrote. Posting a copy of it will help. Thx for the site. I'll look up the surname.
8 Oct 2021 #14
I´m looking for my grandparents family, My grandmothers name was Hintla Ita Horowicz, she was born in Kalisz (12/3/1900). They arrive to Argentinia in 1926. We think they were married because the Desna passangers list both were under Sternez last name. We don´t know much about them or our family.

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