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Nawrot surname source (Jewish converts to Catholicisim?)

shimmy 1 | 2
25 Aug 2010 #1
I once read something online about the Nawrot surname being a common name among Polish Jewish converts to Catholicism. I believe it claimed that Nawrot was a river that translated into Renewal, and was used for baptisms. I lost track of the source until it was recently repeated here by Polonius3. I'm hoping he can help me identify the source of this. I've long believed that my wife's family from Krakow had Jewish heritage.

Thanks for providing this forum, I've been lurking since the Google search that got me here and I am happy to report that my beautiful Polish wife is neither catty or miserable and that most of the Polish women I've met aren't either. :)

We've been together for over 10 years and married for 2. We now have a beautiful daughter and the site of my wife with her to me is the most beautiful image I can imagine.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
25 Aug 2010 #2
very nice post, BTW I just think that was posted because someone wanted to point out
that its silly , to which I agree, when someone says polish women are the most agressive
in the world , well , hes either pissed someone off really really bad and she happened
to be polish or hes bored with his life.

anyone can be agressive , but it seems as though this guy who says this has branded
them so now they are all going to be put to sleep by the public for to much agressive
behavior ( like pitbulls)

OP shimmy 1 | 2
25 Aug 2010 #3
hahah well said. my comment was poking fun at that thread. i think passionate is the right word, and passion, like you imply, has a double edge depending on what inspired it. I am sure I can do something stupid enough to inspire my wife to convert her peaceful energy producing reactors into nuclear warheads.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,477
25 Aug 2010 #4
I lost track of the source until it was recently repeated here by Polonius3. I'm hoping he can help me identify the source of this.

The "source" for this surname seems to be the verb "nawrócić" or the noun "nawrócenie" which has not exactly the same meaning as the English verb "to convert".
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Aug 2010 #5
Nawrót, Nawrotek, Nawracaj, Naracała, Nawrocki and Czech-influenced Nawrat (Navrat in Czech) all suggested conversion, from Judaeism to Christianity but possibly also from Calvinism, Lutheranism, etc. to Catholicism.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
30 Aug 2010 #6
I know two different Nawrots here. One is a Tatar, I think. The other is a bouncer here :)
Nickidewbear 23 | 584
19 Jan 2015 #7
It absolutely can be. "Nawrocki", by the way:

Nawrocki Name Meaning from nawrócic 'to be converted', hence a name for a religious convert, in particular a Jew who had converted to Christianity.possibly also a habitational name for someone from Nawrotów in Kalisz voivodeship. The name is well established in Germany.

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