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the name Markiewicz / also Szczygielski

6 Sep 2006 #1
hi there,

I would like information about the origins of the name "Markiewicz". It may be a derivative of other name/s. Does it have any Jewish connections?

Also, the names "trapler" and "szyfler" - they sound of German origin. Can anyone please give some insight?

many thanks.
6 Sep 2006 #2
Marek in Poland means "Mark" (first name). I think it derives from this first name somehow. Don't know about "trapler" or "szyfler" (sound German or ... Jewish indeed).
7 Sep 2006 #3
Markiewicz is a typical Polish name, my name finishes with "cz" too :)
7 Sep 2006 #4
Don't worry. It's aint jewish name.
7 Sep 2006 #5
I'm not quite sure why someone should be sorry if their family name was Jewish!
OP sernik
7 Sep 2006 #6
yes Shelley, I agree with you 100%
krysia 23 | 3,057
7 Sep 2006 #7
My grandmother's name was "Almakiewicz", which came from "Almak-han".
That was a Tatarian Royal Clan.

Try this site for surnames
26 Jul 2009 #8
yes it is a Jewish name, I know because it is mine and I;m appalled by all the racist remarks, my family were not religious, but were persecuted anyway of course and left Germany in the 1930's,my great great grandfather was polish,
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 Jul 2009 #9
Any name can be a Jewish name! Jewish surnames are derived from not only Hebrew and Yiddish but also from Spanish, the Slavonic tongues, Romanian, English, etc., wherever Jewish people settled.

Personally I do not perceive the term Jewish in purely religious terms. To me it identifies a Semitic ethnic group akin to Arabs. Centuries of different admixtures have naturally altered the original purely Semitic DNA.
15 Aug 2014 #10
My g-g-g grandmother is Helena Markiewicz- cr. d.o.b. 1785. She married Mutsorzkow Szczygielski
I wonder if there is a family connection. The name is very scarce in Poland as I found out while doing a genealogy search.
vomLomza 2 | 9
15 Aug 2014 #11
Merged: Information on Markiewicz and Szczygielski families

I am searching for any information on my gg grandmother Jozefa Szczygielska,(cr.1820), daughter of Mutsorzkow Szczygielski and Helena Markiewicz,(cr.1790-1805+/-).
All I know is that Jozefa and her husband, (my gg grandfather Mateusz Gorecki), were married and lived in Leszno Poland 1841, where they raised their family.

Their marriage notice stated her parents names and that is as far back as I can find.
Anyone with information on these names Please contact me.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Aug 2014 #12
SZCZYGIELSKI: root-word szczygieł (goldfinch); topo nick from Szczyglice, Szczygłowice or Szczygły (Fimnchville).

MARKIEWICZ: patronymic tag meaning son of Marek (Mark).

GÓRECKI: root-word górka (hillock); topo tag for someone from Górka (Hillton).

MARKIEWICZ - 10 coats of arms
SZCZYGIELSKI - 2 coats of arms
Stephdu06 - | 1
28 Aug 2017 #13

Markiewicz. Search Familly in Poland

I search for my familly in Poland. I know my grand grand father Markiewicz Andrej was born at Mycielin the 13/11/1890. I know he was in the white russian army and He was come in France after. I had find a paper with an andress of the city Zegzdry of his father Michel Markiewicz. Thank you for help
603 Markiewicz
25 Jan 2018 #14
Its a polish name. Not jewish, unless by marriage only. There is a jewish name that is similar, Markiewitz. Most Markiewiczes are in Poland, followed by the united states, paricularly the north east region of the united states. Most of the US Markiewiczes migrated from Poland to Ellis Island. There are less than 4,000 markiewicz in the US and approx 34,000 in Poland.

Also keep in mind there are various spelling of the name, in the US, do to language barriers and illiteracy when imigrants arrived.
18 Mar 2021 #15
My G. Grandfather came to the U.S. from Poland within a few years before 1910. His name was Valentine Markiewicz. He lived to be 95 years old, living in a Polish community in Buffalo, NY all his life. I'm trying to find information on his trip across the Atlantic. Can anyone direct me as to where I can find information, i.e. name of the ship, date he left, date he arrived?
19 Mar 2021 #16
Valentine Markiewicz.

Valentine is Walenty in Polish. The letter 'W' is pronounced as a 'V'. In any searches look for Walenty Markiewicz.

Do you have any more information about him? You don't give a birth date, but at that time Poland was partitioned and off the map, divided up between Prussia, Austria and Russia:

Immigration from Poland at the time your grandfather arrived would have been largely conducted at Ellis Island, New York, although Baltimore and Castle Garden were other destinations.

Looking at the Ellis Island website, there is a record of a Walenty Markiewicz arriving in 1903 from Bukomo. It is important to understand that information is not always 100% accurate. Names and places were often butchered when documented. I cannot find anywhere in Poland called Bukomo. However there are several places called Bukowo ( pronounced Bukovo ). It's possible he was from one of these places, but it's also possible that this Walenty Markiewicz isn't your relation. This is why it's important to get as much supplemental information as you can from family members or other sources.

If you register with the Ellis Island website you can look under 'action' on the right side of the record to view the passenger list, ship manifest etc

Here is the record I found:

Places named Bukowo:

Good luck with your search.


I have just checked and you will need to enter his name here:

For some reason his name doesn't appear after copying/pasting.

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