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Looking for Jasinski family members.

Steve 1 | 2
28 Dec 2007 #1
I live in BC Canada . My grandparents John and Albina Jasinski came to Canada in
1903 on a ship call they ARMEGA. Just curious if i have any Aunts and uncles and cousins out there.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
28 Dec 2007 #2
If you don't know. They are listed [if it's them] at But you will have to pay to see the records.

Are you looking for living people, your roots or both ?
OP Steve 1 | 2
28 Dec 2007 #3
Hi , yes im looking for all ,living and my roots
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
28 Dec 2007 #4
Have you checked any Genealogy websites to find out if other people are looking for the same name ?

Have you checked school websites like nasza klasa for living people ? Or something like Friends Reunited.

Have you found all your relatives living in Canada and those who might have moved to the USA ?

Find a Family History group in your town or nearest city. They should be able to give you some tips and local knowledge on where to find Canadian documents.

Some of these groups have copies of documents on microfiche or similar
OP Steve 1 | 2
28 Dec 2007 #5
Thanks for your input

Thread attached on merging:
Looking for Jasinski or Yasinski family members.

my grandparents are John and Albina Jasinski (changed to Yasinski) just wondering if there are any Yasinski or Jasinski family members out there...
2 Jun 2010 #6
Interesting, my grandfather came from Poland and changed his name from Yasinski to Jasinsky.
1jola 14 | 1,879
2 Jun 2010 #7
Impossible. He may have changed it from Jasiński to Jasinsky. He was a Polish Jew, right?
14 Jan 2013 #8
Hi there. I am trying to search for the Jasinski family from kalusz. My husband's great grandfather is listed on the us passenger list as victor jasinski from Kalusz. Can anyone give me any insight?
polonius 54 | 420
21 Feb 2013 #9
JASIŃSKI: Probably originated as a toponymic tag to identify a native of the village of Jasin or Jasień (Ashton - from jasion = ash tree, or jasin = Johnsville).

A very popular surname shared by some 35,000 people in Poland.
14 Mar 2013 #10
Thanks for the background. He is listed as being born in Galicia / klausz in 1882. How do I track that
17 Feb 2014 #11
Dear All,
Good day

I'm sorry to disturb you.

My name is Josef Dvir and I live in Israel. I've just finished reading the book named, "Jews of Kopcheve", by Dorothy Leivers. The book describes the life of Lithuanian Jews from the town Kopcheve (Kapchiamiestis) before World War 2.

I've found a lot of interesting information about my family roots and started searching for more possible family members.

My families roots come from Lantzman and Yasinki families, both are from Kopcheve.

My mother's grandfather, Michel Yasinski was the owner of restaurant in Kapchiamiestis and he had a brother, I don't know his name. Before the war his family moved to USA and settled there. Michel Yasinski also planned to do that, but unfortunately the war started and they were evacuated to Russia.

They came back to Lithuania in 1946, till then they were in contact with the family in US.
After 1946, part of Yasinski family moved to Israel and then the connection was lost.

Nowadays, me, as a new generation of Yasinski family, make all efforts in order to find any piece of information about our family.

I'm just wondering, how big our family is and if there are more relatives.

If you are connected to Lithuanian or Polish roots of Yasinski family from Kapchiamestis Lithuania/ Kopchevo in Polish, somehow, please contact me. I think it'll be exiting to connect the memories.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.
I'm available on my email: or my mobile: +972523161616

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Josef Dvir
esensky 1 | 2
6 Feb 2021 #12
Saw your older post on Jasinski family. My Great Grandfather was John Jasinski. I just started getting into genealogy and its clear there are a number of John Jasinski's out there. I've seen his name spelled Yosinski an Yasinski. My grandfather, John's son, went by Sensky. My grandfather's siblings went by Yosinski. I think the inconsistency of the surname were due to misspellings, phonetically sounding out the name and plain ignorance. I'd be interested to see if we're related. I did a DNA test on Ancestry. Have you done one? That would be a good place to start.
11 Jan 2023 #13
Hello, I saw your original post from 2007. My grandfather was Delnor Jasinski. I remember him telling me his father came to America or Canada on a boat in roughly the same year. My grandfather was born on a farm in Michigan in 1933.If I remember correctly he a few sisters and brothers, 6 or so. I am interested in learning about him and that side of the family. My mother who is my grandfather Del's daughter, was his only child so I never learned much of family history.

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