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carolonpark1 1 | 3    
26 Oct 2012  #1

I have been attempting research for some time and have hit a brick wall. I know there are Jarentowskis in England and Australia; I'm curious to know if and how they fit into my genealogy. My grandfather, Francis Jarentowski, emigrated from the Krakow area ?? in the 1890s. He died in Chicago in 1906. Is there an alternate spelling I could try?

boletus 30 | 1,367    
26 Oct 2012  #2

Jarantowski sounds close enough to Jarentowski ...

Currently in Poland there are 84 Jarentowski males, 111 Jarentowska females, 54 Jarantowski males and 49 Jarantowska females
Check this (modifying variations of the last names):
OP carolonpark1 1 | 3    
1 Nov 2012  #3

How can I find these people and how can I know that we are related?
boletus 30 | 1,367    
1 Nov 2012  #4

I did not say you were related to those people in Poland. I just showed you some possibilities, that's it. You asked for the alternate spelling of Jarentowski. Jarantowski is close enough to warrant possible misspelling. Both names are rather rare in the contemporary Poland, but almost equally probable. And both names very likely originate from some village name, such as Jarantowice or Jarantów.

There is one village Jarantów in Poland, located in Gmina Blizanów, Kalisz County, Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) Voivodship and three villages Jarantowice in Kuiavian-Pomeranian Voivodship:

Jarantowice, gmina Osięciny, Radziejów County
Jarantowice, gmina Wąbrzeźno, Wąbrzeźno County
Jarantowice, gmina Choceń, Włocławek County

Statistically, the village "Jarantów" seems like a good match, since it is located in Kalisz County, and the biggest population of Polish surnames Jarentowski and Jarantowski are exactly in that county. So that could be a cradle of those families way back. But your grandfather is from around Kraków and this does not connect directly to Kalisz.

Checking all those 300 surnames would be time consuming and costly, unless you have some extra information that would narrow the scope significantly. You would have to comb internet for some approximate locations, like a village name for example, then approach the appropriate authority for the exact address. But this kind of data is protected in Poland and they would only give it to you after obtaining first a permission from a person you wish to contact. Time consuming!

Also, there was a thread about Jarentowski on this forum JARENTOWSKI/BIELAWSKI/MAKOWSKI , started five years ago, so check it out. Oh, gosh, that was you - what a waste of time! Could not you just bump it up, rather than opening a new thread and wasting our time here?
OP carolonpark1 1 | 3    
8 Nov 2012  #5

Thanks for the information. I'm sorry I wasted your time but you have given me some good advice. I am not particularly good at this genealogy thing so I don't always know what is the best way to approach things. With the exception of your response, I have had no other leads so I try to do whatever I can. Thank you again.
beckski 12 | 1,619    
8 Nov 2012  #6

Is there an alternate spelling I could try?

Have you tried research using the last 3 letters sky vs ski?
maksym 2 | 47    
9 Nov 2012  #7

He died in Chicago in 1906

There is a death certificate online at for a Frank Jarentowski, date of death October 14, 1906, estimated birth year of 1867. It lists birth place as Germany??

This same persons 1900 marriage record is there also, listed as his brides name is Mary Bielowski.
boletus 30 | 1,367    
9 Nov 2012  #8

There is a death certificate online at for a Frank Jarentowski, date of death October 14, 1906, estimated birth year of 1867. It lists birth place as Germany??

Well, that could be Prussia or Russia, as in the year 1867 there was no Poland; after 1795 Poland was totally partitioned between Prussia, Russia and Austria. At certain times parts of the country existed under various adornments, such as Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1815), Congress Poland(1815-1867) or Grand Duchy of Posen (1815-1848). The last two have been finally swallowed again by Russia and Prussia, respectively.

I came across several records of marriages of Jarentowski grooms from the years predating 1867. They are:
1. Jarentowski Marcin married Anotonina Matuszak in Kościelec Kaliski, Kalisz County, in 1860.
This record came from "Index of Polish marriages until 1899", database "przodkowie",

Two other groom records, of brothers Wojciech and Antoni Jarentowski, came from "Poznan Project",

2. Catholic Parish Kosmów, 1864
Wojciech Jarentowski (25), father £ukasz, mother Anna Szymczak
Józefa Dolacińska (16), father Jan, mother Julianna Gzymska

3. Catholic Parish Kościelec Kalisz 1862
Antoni Jarentowski (27), father £ukasz, mother Anna Szymczak
£ucja Kołodziej (20), father Wawrzyn, mother Elżbieta Kretkowska

The three marriage records could point to possible fathers of Franciszek (Frank) Jarentowski. The original records of these marriages are held in the National Archive in Poznań, Poland. You can write for their photocopies or digital copies to the address provided below. Further genealogical research is also offered there.

Archiwum Panstwowe w Poznaniu
Ul. 23 Lutego 41/43
60-967 Poznan


That could be a beginning of your trail to follow. The first task would be to check if any of the three couples had a child named Frank, born in 1867 (or so).

All three records mention the same two parishes: Kościelec Kaliski (there are many villages Kościelec in Poland, so you have to be specific which one) and Kosmów. The villages are seven kilometers apart, although they belong to different administrative municipalities:

A. Kościelec, gmina Mycielec, Kalisz County, Wielkopolskie Voivodship (Greater Poland), 17 km north of Kalisz
A wooden XII century church, highlander style,

B. Kosmów, gmina Ceków-Kolonia, Kalisz County, Wielkopolskie Voivodship, 17 km north of Kalisz
A church from 1691,

Both are located in the same county: Kalisz. Do you remember my previous post about Jarantów? Well Kosmów lies 22 km away, Kościelec 15 km away from Jarantów, a possible cradle of Jarentowski family.

All four places: Kalisz, Jarantów, Kościelec and Kosmów are located on the right bank of PROSNA river, which was a border river between Prussia and Russia. So formally the marriages took place in Russia. However, there is no reason why some of them could not take a residence in Prussia later on. This could explain the birth place "Germany" in Frank Jarentowski record.

This is all speculation of course :-)

More data comes from Geneteka database:

Four Jarentowski boys were born between 1850 and 1874 in the same parishes as above: Kosmów and Kościelec. No Franciszek among them though.
OP carolonpark1 1 | 3    
23 Nov 2012  #9

Thank you. I have that information, but it doesn't give me any hints to previous information (i.e. from Poland.) I will keep looking.

No Franczek? I know that my Frank had a brother Thomas who also emigrated to America and lived in Chicago.
15 Aug 2015  #10

Hi I live in Australia and I am one of four Jarentowskis residing in Australia. I am also seeking my ancestors but my father's family was from around Kalisz.
carolonpark 2 | 12    
23 Aug 2015  #11

I don't know where my family was from. All I know for sure is that my Grandfather was frank, he had a brother Thomas, and their father was Matthew or Michael, Mother Barbara Lewandowska.
carolonpark 2 | 12    
1 Dec 2016  #12

I am looking for genealogy and family history on my grandmother Marianna Makowski, born in Lyniec, Wabsch between 1865 and 1867, She married Jan Bielawski in thelate 1880s but I don't know where They immigrated to Chicago in or around 1890. Any information would be appreciated.
3 Aug 2017  #13


Researching my husband's mother, Michalina Jarantowska?

Hi! I am researching my husband's mother, Michalina Jarantowska, who came to NY in 1923, at the age of 18. We believe she was born in Warsaw or the greater Warsaw area in September of 1906. She died in NY in 1964. She never spoke of her mother, father, or siblings--so my husband has only the surname to go by. We are planning to travel to Warsaw in just a few weeks on vacation and would love to learn more about her--but we do not speak any Polish. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some direction on my research. Thank you.

Maureen Parsley (interestingly--Parsley is a name that was changed from the Polish, Poszly, when the family emigrated and came thru Ellis Island, NY at the turn of the 20th century.)
DominicB - | 2,602    
3 Aug 2017  #14


You're rather lucky, because there are only about 100 people with that surname in Poland, all of whom are closely related to each other, and all of whom have close ties to one township, Września.

So if you do find someone with that name, chances are that you don't have to go back too far at all to find a common ancestor. I'm guesstimating that your husband's mother's grandfather or great grandfather is the ancestor of all persons with that surname.

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