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Jan Zawisza / Tyrakowski, Ciesla

20 Dec 2006 #1
I am looking for the roots of the Jan Zawisza Family
Jacob Tyrakowski
Joseph Ciesla
13 Feb 2007 #2
The earliest record for a Jan Zawisza I can find is a 1903 ship's manifest from Baltimore, Maryland, USA; in 1903 he is 33 years old. Last known residence is Turaszowka, and he lists his race as Polish. He departed for the USA from Bremen, Germany on the SS Frankfurt.

Destination in USA is the home of a friend, Jakob Gora, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This same person took at least two more trips back to Europe, re-entering the US at different ports each time.

I found a Jacob Tyrakowski, born 1872, who arrived in the USA in 1888 and is listed in the 1900 Chicago, Illinois census as having come from Poland-Germany and lists himself as Polish ethnicity.

This same person (same wife and kids) is listed in the 1910 census as having been born in 1866, not 1872. He now lists his ethnicity/nativity as German.

I then found a record for a Jacob Tyrakowski, laborer, age 24, at the Castle Garden NY immigration site, which states that he arrived in the US on April 26, 1889, from Bremen, Germany, on the ship Werra.

Do you have an approx. birthdate for Joseph Ciesla? Too many names to figure out on my own which might be yours.

Let me know and I'll do another search with the dob.

Hope this helps

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