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Gawryluk family tree

kdds119 1 | 2
21 Feb 2011 #1
I am trying to research my friends family tree through his grandads side looking for the name Gawryluk

Can anyone help
Thank you
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Feb 2011 #2
GAWRYLUK: from Gawrylo (Ruthenian for Gabriel), patronymic nick, hence Eng equivalent = Gabrielson
OP kdds119 1 | 2
10 Apr 2011 #3
Since my last post I have received copies of Teodor's alien registration card 's and place of birth is given as Radno there doesn't appear to any such place, probably a translation error.

I also know that the rest of the family where in the Ukraine after ww11, so could this be a village on the borders of Poland and Ukraine?

Has anyone got any thoughts/ideas please
Nathan 18 | 1,363
4 Jul 2011 #4
Hi Diane. I am from Ukraine. There is a little town called Rudno near Lviv (major center of western Ukraine). Today it is a part of one of Lviv's districts.
It has 2 churches and a Ukrainian Catholic seminary; 7200 inhabitants; train which go from Lviv to Mostyska has a station there.
Gawryliuk is quite spread around last name in western regions. I have never heard of Radno either and Rudno is the one that immediately comes to mind. Hope it will help.

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