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Claiming WW2 medals for Polish father

9 Jun 2019 #31
I'd just like to find the service records and medals to see where he served as it sounds quiet a story, I know finding anything from the legion will be slim but anything else would be brilliant, as none of this was told to me and I'm currently serving in the navy and never knew
pawian 180 | 17,057
9 Jun 2019 #32
Did you check this one?
10 Jun 2019 #33
Yes and no joy yet
pawian 180 | 17,057
13 Jun 2019 #34
Check this complete list of Polish Navy members, it starts on page 127. Is he there?
m mlynek
1 Oct 2019 #35
I need some help my father was a polish comando third plt name j Mlynek how can I find out what polish goyt gave to men that served in w2
David Rote
16 May 2021 #36
I have recently been able to obtain a copy of my late Polish fathers service records from MOD APC Disclosures (Polish) RAF Northolt. It confirms he was awarded 'Cross for Valour and bar, Silver Cross of merit with Swords and Bronze Cross of Merit. I have learned from Polish relative that these were stolen shortly after my father death in Warsaw, 2000. Is there any way that I can obtain replacements, or do I have to search through. Deal dealers for copies?
pawian 180 | 17,057
16 May 2021 #37
Is there any way that I can obtain replacements,

Buying them on Polish auction sites is the easiest option and quite cheap - about 10 -15 pounds for one medal or 25 for three.

Look for them on Allegro site.

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