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CIOCHOŃ from Brzeg Dolny

lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
5 Jan 2011 #1
i was born in poland to not have that much to go on ... sep my name and town i was born help me
convex 20 | 3,978
5 Jan 2011 #2
Could you post that information? Last name/city/year of birth would help.
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
5 Jan 2011 #3
ciochon brezg dolny 10/19/1989 i lived in a orphange

ok so my grandmother names is teresa kwasniewska
my uncle is jacek kwasniewski help me look for my family.......

Merged thread:
Need orphanages or police phone numbers near Brzeg Dolny

i need some orphanages numbers or police number near brezg dolny please
6 Jan 2011 #4
Odd request. Probably won't be open today as bank holiday. Happy to look, but WHY?
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #5
i was adopted i was born in brezg donly and i do not know my family or other things i need to contact orphange to tell them my name and maybe they can help me track down my family or even have my birth certi u kno
6 Jan 2011 #6
OK, there's no Dom Dziecka in BD, but do you mean the one in Krzydlina Mała?,pomocna-dlon-zbiorka-darow-dla-dzieci-z-domu-dziecka,id,t.html

If you go to and search 21 names come up - most of them in places a bit further away like Szklarska Poręba but maybe one of them is the one you are after:,domy-dziecka,pk,t.html
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #7
i will be calling from america to poland i need help findind dectives that will help me find my family

when i call the numbers it say your call cant be complete right now please call back later help me
6 Jan 2011 #8
Have you dialed 0048 for Poland? These are probably local numbers
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #9
ooo ok i try

please find me one orphange near brezg dolny
urszula 1 | 253
6 Jan 2011 #10
i was adopted i was born in brezg donly

When you were adopted all the info was given to your adoptive parents. Did you ask them? You should have some documents with your name on them.
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #11
urszula that is my mother name.... ciochon i do not have that much info sep where i was born and my name ... my adopted parents did not give me much to go on they do not have all the info i was adopted when i was 7 along with my 2 brother
6 Jan 2011 #12
Don't cross post, love - it'll only get deleted. You have the numbers already and Urszula told you that your adoptive parents will have the necessary contact details. Are you OK to talk with your adoptive parents about it? We can understand that would be hard but if you can, try. If you can't, use the internet list I found you. Looking for your real family is probably the most difficult thing anyone would have to do in their lives, and we get that, but there's some of this that you'll have to do on your own. OK?
OP lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #13
my adopted parents gave me upp too they put me into foster care and they are bad people who abused us an etc ...... i just wish i had mom phone number u kno thankk you and help me if you can
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
6 Jan 2011 #14
i was adopted i was born in brezg donly

Brzeg Dolny, you might be of German descent many Germans still live in the area, many moved especially in the 80's most to West Germany, u could pass for a German from your photo.

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