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Bronisław Knuth (Bronislaw)

18 Nov 2011 #1

This is a very long shot, but I don't have much to go on. Does anyone know the above name? Came to England as refugee (I believe) family was left in Poland. He was born in 1925.

His parents were Ludwig Knuth and Maria Małecka.

Any help appreciated. I don't know where to start looking, there seem to be so many unlinked lists of passengers and camps.

boletus 30 | 1,366
18 Nov 2011 #2
1. For a start, you could try to re-examine the "Knuth" name. This is not a Polish name by any distance, since "TH" combination of consonants is extremely rare in Polish and mostly appears in Greek based words, such as first names originated from the word Theos, God. But even then, the consonant "H" would be usually dropped, as in the names: Teodor, Teofila, etc.

But "Ludwig Knuth" could be of German origin. Run this phrase in Google and you will find 1130 entries, many clearly indicating the German connection.

2. The first name "Ludwig" is not Polish but German. The corresponding Polish name would be "Ludwik".
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
18 Nov 2011 #3
KNUTH/KNUT: Both spellings exist in Poland and the Bydgoszcz area is their major concentration. Both in German (Knuth) and Polish (knut) the word appears derived from a knotted whip with which people were once knouted (lashed).

MA£ECKI: probable source adj. mały (little, small, tiny). It might have oriignated as a patronymic tag for the son of someone nicknamed Mały (tiny). Alternatively, a toponymic nick for an inhabitant of Małe (Littleton, Smallville).
sylwek6010 - | 2
21 Nov 2011 #4
steveinuk -myheritage/

Hi Louis was my great-grandfather Knuth and Mary was my great-grandmother Małecka and Bronislaw Knuth was the brother of my grandmother's Natali
beany0793 - | 1
21 Nov 2011 #5
Hi 'Steveintheuk' I hope this information helps, please goto and check out my 2nd cousins family tree (Sylwester Borkowski) , Bronislaw Romeo Knuth(Knut) was my grandfather he passed on the 17th March 1993 survived by his wife Shirley Knut and 5 children Richard,Trudy,Martin,Rosemary and Andrew, if you need anymore information please email me on robinson.s1703@yahoo thanks
sylwek6010 - | 2
22 Nov 2011 #6

if you need anymore information please email me on thanks

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