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Anyone from Berezka / Brzuska near the Ukrainian border ?

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12 Sep 2018  #31
My grandfather mytro chochlo ( Micheal chockla) arrived thru Ellis island April 1901.moved to New Florence p.a. He ended up in derry pa. My father said had a "brother" who lived with his family Andy Corey. Andy ended up in the family because of a death in his, as I recall. You can find all the names by searching Chockla.the last of my true children passed away in 2017 ." Mitch" in Fla.age 94.
12 Dec 2018  #32
I have found my grandmother came from Berezka Poland to Detroit , Michigan .United Statez
And took the name of the town of berezka , how do i inquire about my familys past
15 Dec 2018  #33
My grandfather came to the US from Berezka in 1912. His name was Stephen Krawec. My grandmother also came from Berezka same year, Katherine Lechmann.

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