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Anyone from Berezka / Brzuska near the Ukrainian border ?

Chockla - | 1
12 Sep 2018 #31
My grandfather mytro chochlo ( Micheal chockla) arrived thru Ellis island April 1901.moved to New Florence p.a. He ended up in derry pa. My father said had a "brother" who lived with his family Andy Corey. Andy ended up in the family because of a death in his, as I recall. You can find all the names by searching Chockla.the last of my true children passed away in 2017 ." Mitch" in Fla.age 94.
12 Dec 2018 #32
I have found my grandmother came from Berezka Poland to Detroit , Michigan .United Statez
And took the name of the town of berezka , how do i inquire about my familys past
15 Dec 2018 #33
My grandfather came to the US from Berezka in 1912. His name was Stephen Krawec. My grandmother also came from Berezka same year, Katherine Lechmann.
DorisFort - | 1
12 Dec 2019 #34
I am researching the family of John (aka Johann) Hohla (aka Chochla and Chockla)(1885-1972). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1910, listing birth location as Bereska in Austria and his nationality Ruthenian. According to the 1930 U.S. Census, he was born in Poland, as were his father and mother. Both he and his wife speak Russian. He lived in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. He was a coal miner in Bens Creek, Pa. in 1942. He is buried at Sts Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church in Portage, Pa. His wife was Miluska (aka Mildred, Amelia, Millie) Horchak (1893-1930) , also from Bereska. It appears that other Chockla family members immigrated to the same area in Pennsylvania. I would like to compare notes to gather more information on this family.
Nickidewbear 23 | 583
17 Dec 2019 #35
Portage, Pa

Are "Chokola", "Czokalo", etc. related by chance?
Mmadatic - | 4
15 Mar 2020 #36
Chockla: My Great aunt married Michael Chockla. Mary Baran was my grandmother's sister. They lived next to each other in Derry on 7th ave. I have some data on the Baran side of the family and also access to the archeive data fron Berezka, Poland. I would like to discuss this with you.
Paulwiz 1 | 70
15 Mar 2020 #37
There is a branch of my family named Baran who lived (still lives) in Patton, PA, not far from Ben's Creek. My grandparents are also buried at Sts. Peter & Paul Byzantine. I will email you.
Mmadatic - | 4
17 Mar 2020 #38
Yes...Please contact me. We can discuss the relationship
24 Apr 2020 #39
I'm hoping someone on here can help me out---I have been trying to figure out my maternal grandfather's genealogy for years now, however we have had little to no information about his extended family. His name was Michael Warchola, 1922-2010. He was born in Nanty Glo, PA, and served in WWII, but was registered under the name Mitchell. His birth certificate shows that his name was indeed Michael. This is also how I found out about the town of Berezka. His father was also Michael Warchola, 1884-1933, and his mother Anne Chokla (1890-1967). Anne later married a Sabol after my great-grandfather's passing.

My grandfather was one of 10 siblings, as far as I know. Mary (1911) Steve (1917) Catherine (1918) Anna (1920) Michael (my grandfather, 1922) Peter (1925) Rose (1928) Julia (1929) Jennie (1931) and Betty Jane (1933). There has been some suspicion of another sibling, an older brother, that integrated with the family and then returned to Europe. We have no concrete evidence of this though.

I'd appreciate any help that I can get. Please contact me by email if you can help in any way:

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