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Anton and Ottolie (Anna) Skierka

skierkan8 1 | 2
13 Jul 2009 #1
Looking for any info on my great grandparents Anton and Ottolie (Anna) Skierka. I know that they came to the U.S. in 1906 from Buchenfelde, Germany (Kistowo, Poland). I believe that Ottolie's maiden name may have been Dombrowski. I also know that they resided in Buffalo, New York for some time and then moved to Bevent, Wisconsin. I'm mainly trying to determine the name's of their parents/siblings.

Information on surname Skierka in Kistowo

I am from the U.S. I found that my great grandfather, Anton Skierka, and my great-great grandfather, Michael Skierka, were born in the city of Kistowo. Anton immigrated to the U.S. in 1906. I also know that Anton's wife's name was Ottolie and they were married in Poland in 1904. . How and who could I contact in Kistowo to obtain more information and vital records?
13 Aug 2009 #2
It is my hobby and interest over the last 15 years to collect information on the history of the Skirke-family and their family tree. Before the Skirke/Skerke family went to the USA, Australia and Brazil they lived in Pommern (Pomerania, Prussia), Germany, which is Poland today. In former times we speak and write the Family name “Skierka”, but today is the family name Skirke, Skerke, Skierke, Skerka and Skirka called.

I can help you with information to your line Antone August Skierka, *11.5.1882 in Chojna(Buchenfelde) and died 31.10.1961 Stevens Point. His wife Anna Otilia Dombrosky ( married 3.2.1904 Sierakowitz, Prussia) born * 18.9.1889 in Prussia and died 26.8.1916 in Pike Lake, Wisconsin and so on...

Maybe we can exchange information . Sorry for my bad english.
17 Jan 2010 #3
Anton Skierka and Anna Olelia Dombrowska would also be my great grandparents. Their daughter, Dominika (Minnie) Zoromski was my grandmother.
I am also looking for information on my great great grandparents.
Donna Krempleski

i spelled her name wrong its ottolie

yes, you are correct. contact me to exchange info. they are also my great grandparents
donna krempleski
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Jan 2010 #4
SKIERKA: spark; probably toponymic nick from Skierki or Skierkowizna (Sparks, Sparkland).
dkremp - | 1
26 Jan 2010 #5
please let me know what you find out, they are also my great grandparents. I would love to hear from you
donna krempleski

we must be related. anton and anna were also my great grandparents.
what is your name?
email me
thank you donna
OP skierkan8 1 | 2
17 May 2010 #6
Duekson - It seems like you have some pretty good information on the Skierka's, particular Anton and Ottolie. I would like to contact you for further information if possible. My contact info is below.

Donna - My grandfather (Clarence Skierka) is half-brother to your grandmother (Minnie). They share the same father (Anton). I do not know much about Anton and Anna, contact me if you would like to discuss further and exchange information.

Nathan Skierka
fka Ciszewski 1 | 7
2 Jan 2011 #7

I grew up in Bevent Wisconsin. There were (I don't know if they live there anymore) Skierkas that lived in Shantytown (in the Town of Bevent). Dombrowskis are also from the Shantytown area. Ironically enough my aunt is a Dombroski from home (she grew up in Pike Lake) Wisconsin (Town of Reid).

If you'd like, I maybe able to help you. The cemetary @ St Ladislaus in Bevent goes way, way back even to when people used their full Polish last names before they decided to shorten them.

Good Luck!!!

Joseph Skerke
15 Apr 2020 #8
Hello mate, Just reading your post. I'm also a Skerke From Tasmania but we we're originally from chottschewke, kreis lauenberg, pommern, prussia. If you're still on this site I'd love to talk to you.
29 Apr 2020 #9
I believe I am related to the Anton A Skierka family. I have submitted my DNA to, and it seems there is a strong match to the Skierka family. I am trying to connect the dots as my mother was adopted and does not have any information on her biological parents.

My name is Diane Bierman contact 2624905197 or I would appreciate any information. My mother spent her whole life searching for her parents, but never found them. She passed in 2016.

Thanks, Diane

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