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Polish Aircrew in the UK (Tulinski)

karlt 3 | 7
19 Aug 2006 #1
can anyone please help.
I am looking for any info on Polish Airmen in the UK during the second world war.
My grandfather Ryszard Tulinski was a navigator with 307 squadron attached to the RAF during WWII. if anyone can point me in the right direction for any info i would be gratetful.
Tom_Poland 1 | 17
19 Aug 2006 #2
Have you visited 'Wikipedia' ? Maybe you can find information you've been lookin for.

Here, try this :
OP karlt 3 | 7
19 Aug 2006 #3
Hi Tom,
Have looked on that site before. I am looking for info on 307 Squadron which was a night figther squadron.
Tom_Poland 1 | 17
20 Aug 2006 #4
I found a page that might be interesting for you. Unfortunately, it is only in Polish.
Here, take a look:

You will find there quite a big photo gallery (galeria zdjęć), names of a few crew members, their commanders; airfields which were used during the WWII and so on.

The English name of the squadron 307 probably is "Lvovian eagle owls fighter's squad".

In the evening I will be able to help you with some translations (if you want of course).

That's all for now.
22 Aug 2006 #5

this might be of interest
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
22 Aug 2006 #6
Have you read "A Question of Honor; The Kosciuszko Squadron: The Forgotten Heroes of World War Two", by Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud? If not, I think that you should.

You can find out more about this book here: questionofhonor.

A Question of Honor is the gripping story of Polish fighter pilots who helped save England during World War II. Written by the authors of the acclaimed 1996 book The Murrow Boys, which Garrison Keillor described as "a history [of the World War II era] so vivid and clear you get 50 years younger by reading it," A Question of Honor is similarly filled with adventure and heroism. In addition, it tells how the Poles, despite their crucial contributions to the Allied war effort, were finally betrayed by the "Big Three" -- Joseph Stalin, FDR and Winston Churchill.

2 Sep 2006 #7
You should try - this is an excellent website concerning Polish Squadrons in WWII. There is is section about each squadron with a lot of information.
Wolfie 10 | 79
2 Sep 2006 #8
where was 307 squadron based

Ryzard Tulinski, Navigator, 307 SQD (City of LWOL) No P784853
Formed 5 Sept 1940, Kirton-in-Lindsey-7 Nov 1940
RAF Coleby Grange= 2 Mar 1944- 6 May 1944-1945

SQD Code E

Aircraft Operated

Defiant Mk1: Sept 1940-Aug 1940
Beaufighter Mk2F: Aug 1941-May1942
Beaufighter Mk1F: May 1942-Dec 1942
Mosquito Mk2: Dec 1942-Sept 1943
MosquitoMkVI : Sept 1943-Feb 1944
Mosquito MkXII : Feb 1944-Oct 1944
Mosquito NF30 : Oct 1944-

Hope this helps

Ive managed to do a little more investigating and have come up with a Mosquito MK XII, this is what the Polish Squadron (307) would of been in, and flying from Coleby Grange.

I have myself been to Coleby Grange airfield now (private) and derelict, there is a ghost of an airman that haunt's the cafe at the side of the control tower.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
11 Jan 2007 #9
Try here:
Wayc00lio 2 | 57
11 Jan 2007 #10
The Poles were great pilots, I heard many brave stories of them in my time in the Royal Air Force.
2 Feb 2007 #11
My father flew in that squadron and was also a navigator -try this site for full info
com/Mohikanie/307/307Squadron.html - my father and pilot lost in jan 44

Good luck in your search
OP karlt 3 | 7
2 Feb 2007 #12
hi john,
thanks for the info. sorry to hear of you fathers story.
6 Feb 2007 #13
More info : hi john
I visited Rocky as promised. I am afraid he did not recall your father or Lucian
We went through his log book 'which is something' On the 14th of Jan 1944 he was at wrexham flying a sptfire ack ack and searchlite target,

he returned to 307 sept 44 at grantham flying blemine29th sept 44 he was back on tour with 307 flying mosquitoes. His navigator who served with him for a long time tolinski.

hope this information will be useful to you
OP karlt 3 | 7
21 Feb 2007 #14
could you supply aanymore info on "rocky" was this rochimski?
Bob K
23 Feb 2007 #15
Found this site by accident. My father also flew for 307 Sqn during 1944 - He's 86 now. He was a pilot on Mosquitos and flew to the end of the war, and also on the last war sortie over the Channel Islands were fighting was still going on one day after the war ended. My dad's name is Mike Kobierski, and as a Canadian with a Polish name he had the opportunity to transfer to the Polish squadron.

ArturSzastak 3 | 593
23 Feb 2007 #16
i would just like to mention that the best American Ace of the European Theatre was also of Polish origin, and he learned many tecniques after asking his superiors if he could fly with the 303. His name was Gabreski or Gabrevski (not sure about spelling, but i am positive he was pure Polish)

neat lil fact
OP karlt 3 | 7
26 Feb 2007 #17

hi brian,
did rocky say his navigator was "Tulinski". if so do you have any more info.

domix - | 5
30 Apr 2007 #18
@Bob K

Dear Bob,
I'm intersting in story and peoples who served in 307 Sqn. Maybe your Father have unknown pics or photos? His last action ( may,9 1945) has describe in book "Thgrouh the night" A. Janczaka.

Send him a greetings from Poland!
omahadogred 1 | 4
13 May 2007 #19
hi there

my name is peter and i am from the uk i have two/three polish pilots signatures czeszney drobinski kawolski czeszney was in 74 tiger squadron at ra f hornchurch but at the moment until i look in my books on the battle of britain i am not sure what they fly in and what squadron if you need any more information please contact me on my e mail many thanks


domix - | 5
16 May 2007 #20
Hello Peter,

list of polish pilots in BoB htm

Bolesław Drobiński,
Henryk Szczęsny ( czeszney - I think )
Jan Kowalski ( kawolski )

wit - | 1
4 Nov 2007 #21
Mój wujek- Eugeniusz Malicki był w dywizjonie 307 plut.strzelec samolotowy. Mam po nim zdjęcia i inne pamiątki. Grób jego jest w Siloth .Też chciałbym odszukać osoby jeszcze żyjące, które miały z nim jakąkolwiek styczność. Będę próbował .- Pozdrawiam serdecznie-Witek S.
4 Nov 2007 #22
Have you tried the contact us section on . They are very helpful and happy to pass on any info they hold. Anne
steve gilligan - | 2
8 Nov 2007 #23

My grandfather, Stanislaw Rochminski, was a Mosquito NF.30 pilot with 307 Squadron based at RAF Castle Camps. I have read his log book several years ago and I recognise the name Tulinksi.

Steve Gilligan
OP karlt 3 | 7
10 Nov 2007 #24
Hi Steve,
I believe our grandfathers flew toghether. the attachment is from a site that has some flying logs, it shows that your grandfather was the pilot and my grandfather was the navigator. if i can remember which site it was from I will let you know.

do you have anymore info from your grandfathers logs about ther time toghether?

Thanks. Karl.
steve gilligan - | 2
13 Nov 2007 #25
Hi Karl,

I've seen this (on Geocities I think?) What it doesn't explain is that this was their first intruder operation over Germany and the reason for their return was that they had been hit by flak which had damaged the undercarriage of the aircraft and disabled one engine. For managing to get the aircraft back from over occupied territory on one engine they were given commendations. Rocky's is pasted in his logbook.

Although they were on nighttime intruder and bomber support operations one of their favourite pastimes was to open the throttles (they could only run at max boost for about 10 minutes) and return to the UK at very low altitude. Anything that moved would be shot up.

From memory (I haven't seen his logbook for a couple of years) Rocky and your grandfather continued to fly together until about mid 1946.

I'm not sure how much you know about Rocky. He was a pre-war Polish Air force flying instructor and flew the last aircraft out of Warsaw before it surrendered to the Germans, starting his take off from within a hanger. He was captured by the Russians and sent as a prisoner of war to Siberia on railway construction for about 2 years. When Germany invaded Russia he was released and made his way to Scotland where he joined the RAF.

domix - | 5
29 Nov 2007 #26
I found something interesting for you...
11 May 2008 #27
if you are a descendant of POlish airmen you might be interested in our yahoo group - yahoo/group/300polishsquadron/
15 Oct 2008 #28
hi folks

I am the moderator of a yahoo group for descendants of Polish airmen

some of you may be interested in it

Lucyna Artymiuk
Rysio - | 3
15 Oct 2008 #29
Does anyone know where i can finds more information on the ground crew who kept the flyers flying safely in all the 300 squadrons. I have lots of photographs of my father, Mjr Rafał Dabrowski, together with other ground crew and flyers from that time, with cryptic annotations on the back but only a few that I decipher; more notably S.L Rolski.

PS does 'Lotików' in Earl's Court, London still exist and are they on the web?
shanibelle - | 1
11 Nov 2008 #30
looking for Ignac Brzozowski polish aircrew fighter pilot.

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