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I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM - the best ice cream shop in Poland?

abu3issa 14 | 42    
14 Jun 2013  #1

So I was googling Baskin Robbins shops and it turns out.... THERE AREN'T ANY IN POLAND!! In fact, it's only available in the UK. I'm surprised mostly because it's an extremely popular brand here.

So my question is
What's the best Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cakes shop in Poland?
If it's not a chain store, tell us where the shop is! :D

newpip - | 140    
14 Jun 2013  #2

there is no need for baskin robbins. Poland has amazing ice cream. we don't need any more fast food crap here.

anyway, Grycan is good- that is probably the only chain style ice cream shop....and it is not much of a chain in comparison to Baskin robbins. Try Blikle, Batida (french) or some of the smaller independent shops. they are much better.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
14 Jun 2013  #3

I think I should ask this question : have you ever actually been to Poland?
14 Jun 2013  #4

Grycan is good- that is probably the only chain style ice cream shop

Take your family to Limoni canteri 1952 in Mokotow

It has the most unique ice creams in PL in my opinion.

OP abu3issa 14 | 42    
14 Jun 2013  #5

I'm spending a whole summer there :D
beckski 12 | 1,619    
14 Jun 2013  #6

Baskin Robbins is also sold in the United States. I don't find it to be anything special. Certainly not comparable to the yummy ice cream I tried in both Warsaw & Lublin.
10 May 2016  #7

Merged: Why is the ice cream in Kraków so good?

We just got back from a nice little vacation in Kraków. One surprise was that the ice cream was the best I've ever had! We had it at four or five different places and all were fantastic, both for the flavor and the creaminess. As far as I know, Poland isn't particularly famous for ice cream. Do they have some special way of making it? The only thing I could tell by tasting was that they use less sugar than some places, so, for instance, strawberry ice cream tastes like strawberries, not candy. Do people agree that Kraków is ice cream heaven? Is there a reason for this? Thanks.
11 May 2016  #8

Mods, why do you keep deleting my answer?

The Italian connection with Krakow's confectionery was noted by a visit by Polands last President.

Lots of communists in Italy and Italians in Poland.

2 Jun 2016  #9

You are absolutely right that in Poland you will find lot of amazing ice cream! What's the secret? Traditional recipes and using only natural and best quality ingredients. Craft ice cream places which are existing for decades and newly opened ice shops where they not only sell but actually produce fresh ice cream every day are on the map in every small or big Polish city. Lots to discover!
gumishu 11 | 4,846    
2 Jun 2016  #10

I think the tradition of making ice-cream came to Poland from Italy - I haven't travelled that much in my life but I was in southern Italy and their ice-creams where not much different to Polish - I only had and ice-cream once when I was in the UK but it was rubbish - I vaguely remember that I had ice-creams in Germany and they were quite like the Polish variety as well
kpc21 1 | 763    
2 Jun 2016  #11

In Poland we have also this type of ice cream, which is not popular in many European countries, where the ice cream comes from a special machine directly to the cone. Known in Poland under different names: "lody włoskie" (Italian ice cream - even though I haven't found them in Italy), "lody z automatu" (ice cream from a machine), a very specific type of them is called "świderki", "lody kręcone" (curly ice cream) or "lody amerykańskie" (American ice cream).

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