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Fermented Oatmeal Soup from Poland - Recipe?

Chemikiem 7 | 2,496
15 Feb 2018 #61
Wiki says this:

In Poland, farmer cheese is similar in consistency to cottage cheese. The cheese is formed into a loaf. It is sometimes referred to as "pot cheese."
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
15 Feb 2018 #62
farmer cheese is similar in consistency to cottage cheese

Yeah, but...why would you pour soup over it? It sounds disgusting, don't you think? But I'd like to hear it from his mouth, because Polly's always had an interesting twist on food.
Chemikiem 7 | 2,496
18 Feb 2018 #63
.why would you pour soup over it?

I must admit, I've never heard of Żurek with diced cheese in before.......but the thought of hard boiled eggs floating around in it turns my stomach too :-( I like eggs, just not in soup. I love Polish soups but haven't actually wanted to try Żurek, and I don't think I'd fancy the fermented oatmeal soup either. Doesn't sound very appealing.
Ironside 50 | 10,935
18 Feb 2018 #64
to try Żurek,

A Well made zurek is very good.
1 Apr 2018 #65
The eggs are even more funky looking at Easter when you use hard-boiled, colored Easter eggs in which the color has leaked through. Lovely pinks, yellows, greens and blues!

A little kielbasa and horseradish dollop in the soup and a side of pierogi and I'm in heaven.
Chud - | 1
15 Nov 2018 #66
Hello Rakky, did youever get the "kecilitsa" recipe you were looking for??

5 Jan 2021 #67
to LIR: When you say "Strain through a sieve, then cook the oats slowly, stirring constantly," you must mean cook the liquid that's been strained. I think you toss out any solids that didn't strain through, right?

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