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Bigos Recipe

FISZ 24 | 2,116
22 Jan 2007 #31
Everyones recipe is unique. As long as you have the basic ingredients it's Bigos :) You can add anything you want...just made one with baked leg of lamb, added a liittle bourbon and red wine and it's scrumdillyitious :)
Irena Z.
23 Jan 2007 #32
May be you can clear up a mystery for me. My family never made Bigos. They made something called kapusta (cabbage). It was:

fresh cabbage
whole yellow peas
fresh pork (either pigs feet, hamhocks, or spare ribs. The bones were important for the flavor)
salt and pepper

That's all. Is this the same thing as bigos? I'm trying to figure out why they didn't call it that. I love it, and it's great on a cold day with rye bread and butter - and cold beer. In the mean time, I'm gonna try some of the recipes you guys listed. I've never used tomatoes in it, and it sounds good!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
23 Jan 2007 #33
That's all. Is this the same thing as bigos?

Sounds like bigos.

I'm trying to figure out why they didn't call it that.

Kapusta is the core of bigos, so It simply is kapusta in some way. :)
23 Jan 2007 #34
Sounds like bigos.

I am sorry Grzegorz - -it's not. Bigos doesn't have peas. Not every cooked cabbage is bigos.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
23 Jan 2007 #35
Bigos doesn't have peas.

Why ? My father add mushrooms and It is still bigos.
23 Jan 2007 #36
Grzegorz, Iam sorry - are you 18 or something - I always feel that you don't seem to konw what's going on.
Bigos does not have peas - groch in Polish. Do you cook? And don't answer me with one word, please.

Can I cook the bigos for your wedding?
23 Jan 2007 #37
I would love to know what that polish chocolate cake is that has a thick rim and a filling like bananas and cream in as its delicious -- cant find recipe for it anywhere :( sorry i know its not a bigos one got a polish/russian cook book with bigos recipe in :)
kaka 1 | 142
23 Jan 2007 #38
I dont like bigos... actually Ilike bigos without meat.. so it's not bigos, is it?
15 Mar 2007 #39
In English "BIGOS" is called "Hunter’s Stew"
kranzler 3 | 21
21 Apr 2007 #40

Can someone tell me where I could find a recipe for Bigos?
21 Apr 2007 #41
Search in the cuisine section or google:
kranzler 3 | 21
21 Apr 2007 #42
Thank you for the quick response. Do you make your own bread too? How do you like Chicago?
21 Apr 2007 #43
Not in Chicago...too windy. There's also a bread revipe in here somewhere. Lots of good recipes...use the search.

I don't use this recipe. I have my'll eventually make your own too. I add red wine and use lamb on the bone slowly baked first. Mniam.
kranzler 3 | 21
21 Apr 2007 #44
I first tried Bigos at a Russian restaurant in NYC called Veselka. Now I make my own with bacon, pork, roast, duck, etc. I have even been able to find some of the German barrel sauerkraut at Sam's Club. I also add Paprika. Great with rye bread and boiled potatoes with dill.

oh yes, i add a few chopped prunes. they are barely noticeable.
21 Apr 2007 #45
I add some dried mushrooms too, it seems to make a differance
kranzler 3 | 21
21 Apr 2007 #46
yes i like the dried mushrooms too. you sound like quite an accomplished cook.
21 Apr 2007 #47
not really, I just love bigos, almost forgot: add some marjoran/bay leaves for more aroma and better digestion:)
21 Apr 2007 #48
I add some dried mushrooms too, it seems to make a differance

It isn't real Bigos without the dried mushrooms
17 Aug 2007 #49
Merged:Baked Cabbage

Just found this wonderful site!
I have a wonderful recipe for baked cabbage that my mother and grandmother both from poland use to make this but only in the winter...everyone loves it, even the kids cant get enough.

If your interested I'll post it!! :)

17 Aug 2007 #50
Yes, I'm interested :D
Eurola 4 | 1,902
17 Aug 2007 #51
Hi jgjs,
Sure, go ahead - post it. Curious to hear about baked cabbage.
21 Aug 2007 #52
Hi Sorry it took a bit to get back here.
So here is the recipe. This is soooooooo simple, and so delicious, use as meal or on small rye bread as appetizers with a slice of keilbasa on it

1 Large head of cabbage-shredded (by hand)
3 large carrots-grated or shedded
1 large onion- diced small
1 large pkg of saurkraut- not in can (deli) drained, Not washed
1 small jar of apple sauce -regular
1 lb of bacon
1-2 lbs of kelibasa/ sliced fairly thin on a angle
2-3 heaping tbs of chicken bullion
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon caraway seeds

Saute bacon and onion until well done (crunchy) in frying pan/drain most of the oil.
break into very small pieces

In a large pan or bowl---very large
mix everything together..yup everything including the little bit of bacon grease.

I use my hands to mix it, its much easier.

the mixture will be very moist looking because of the applesauce


place all of this in a greased roasting pan (like for a turkey)

Cook covered on 400 for about 2 hrs

the mixture will reduce to less then half/ try to avoid opening the cover, not to let the steam out. But can be stired a couple of times quickly

on final look the Kapusta will be bit dark / a lite carmel color/thats when its done


the smell is incredible!

you can eat it then, but as everything Polish it will taste better tomorrow.

this recipe freezes well.

21 Aug 2007 #53
Very good, thank you!
Jashiwi - | 16
25 Aug 2007 #54
Wow. That sounds really tasty.. ^^
(I'll have to try making that recipe sometime).

-and thank-you, for posting this.
Eurola 4 | 1,902
25 Aug 2007 #55
Thanks jgjs. The recipe is copied & saved in word for a further on a cold, rainy day in November... :)
It sounds so good!!!
Gosiaa 2 | 89
26 Aug 2007 #56
Being and living in Poland 1/2 of my life I think
This recipe sound a lot like it's "BIGOS" but we cook it on a stove in a big soucepan , also instead of apple souce we add wild mushrooms , tomato paste and paprika and other spices -I thinks baking it its better -gets rid off the smell more. It is said that Bigos is always better after a day or two. I love bigos only in winter and I serve it with rye bread or just plain boiled potatos.

I will definitely try your recipe
20 Oct 2007 #57
looks good, but not sure about the tomato and prunes...think it's better without these...
pdmokry 3 | 12
21 Oct 2007 #58
I live just mins away from most of my family. I have aunts uncles and grandparts near by. We always have a reason to meet up for parties. But the truth is even though we all came from the same bloodline, we all have our own style in cooking our dishes. I have grown to love only my moms and grandmas cooking. They really clean up all the meats of fats and weird stuff. But my aunts cook for thei husbans and they cook it the more "primative" way. They do it the old school style. So there are many ways to cook your dishes. But some of the ideas have been americanized. The reason is because lack of ingredients avail to us here in the states. I have always been firm on the idea of not using stuff out of a package. But when i was in Poland this summer i was shocked to hear people are starting to just buy dinner in a box. Us cooks are a lost generation. So i will do my best to help keep us informed of old style Polish cooking that i enjoy daily! Your the best MAMA!!!
30 Nov 2007 #59
I feel that bigos, similar to chili, is good after a day or two of resting. After cooking, place it in the fridge overnight. This allows the flavors to really develop and mesh.
plk123 8 | 4,142
30 Nov 2007 #60
I feel that bigos is good after a day or two of resting.

a must. :)

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