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Where to go for the best steak in Warsaw?

jon357 69 | 13,499    
3 Jun 2015  #31

3/4 hours? 3 or 4 days is fine - it isn't India here where meat goes rotten before people eat it.

And nothing unhealthy about steak that's gone black on the outside either - some seek that out especially.

3 Jun 2015  #32

I would imagine that the Steaks are transported in a cool box and actually would be fine to consume.

lol......Anyway. As a Chef I can tell you that a cool box would be sufficient for a journey of 4 hrs, you can check it out yourself, its called Google.

As long as the meat does not go above 5c in temperature, then legally with UK food standards, is perfectly safe to serve cooked again Google will help you.
3 Jun 2015  #33

cool box need ice son and ice is not allowed to be flown in check in or carry on.Anyone can claim to be anyone like some english teachers here:))

L i M e Y!
3 Jun 2015  #34

itsy, for your information, 'limey' is not really an insult. I realise that being from Pakistan, you probably would not realise that.
I bet u would love to teach English but you cannot.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
3 Jun 2015  #35

cool box need ice son and ice is not allowed to be flown in check in or carry on.

Just in case anybody does want to bring food on a plane which needs to be cooled:

Carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice), in quantities not exceeding 2.5kg per person when used to pack
perishables not subject to these Regulations in checked or carry-on baggage, provided the baggage
(package) permits the release of carbon dioxide gas. Checked baggage must be marked "dry ice" or
"carbon dioxide, solid" and with the net weight of dry ice or an indication that there is 2.5kg or less of
dry ice.
Permitted in or as carry-on baggage
Permitted in or as checked baggage
The approval of the operator(s) is required

Now back to the best steak in Warsaw
jon357 69 | 13,499    
3 Jun 2015  #36

Quite. Hard to say where the best steak is in Warsaw, but easy to say where it isn't. I had one in TGI Friday last week which was terrible - really actively bad. Oddly enough, one in Sphinx (yes, I know) a little while before was almost perfect.

The steaks at the Hotel Sobieski are also good (or used to be).

Btw (and very quick) you don't need either ice or CO2 for a cool box - just polystyrene will do for a plane cabin - certainly enough to keep ice cream solid.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
3 Jun 2015  #37

Hard to say where the best steak is in Warsaw

I really do find that the best ones are cooked at home.
jon357 69 | 13,499    
3 Jun 2015  #38

Yes, very much. Especially in my home ;-)

One thing that maybe explains why some people say they can't find a good one is the culture of cooking meat here. I remember serving a steak to someone who rented a room from me. The steak was done to perfection, absolutely flawless. He asked that it be returned to the frying pan for (wait for it...) 20 (yes 20) minutes!

Explains quite a lot really.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
3 Jun 2015  #39

Anybody tried this yet?
jon357 69 | 13,499    
8 Jun 2015  #40

No, but thinking about it. I bought yesterday the stek kruchy from Biedronka that somone mentioned in this thread or another. Actually quite good. Not large and need trimming because they aren't butchered well (normal for Poland) but given that the price was 8zl for two it would be churlish to complain. Cut from the bottom end of the fillet and very worth the money.
scottie1113 7 | 901    
8 Jun 2015  #41

I went to Biedronka yesterday for the stek kruchy. They didn't have any so I bought two antrykot packaged by Beef Master. Thick and marbled, they were even better then the stek kruchy. Try, and enjoy.
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
9 Jun 2015  #42

were even better then the stek kruchy

How do you prepare your steak? We have never had much luck with Polish steaks. Maybe some people don't mind the chewy texture but we prefer melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.
scottie1113 7 | 901    
9 Jun 2015  #43

These steaks aren't from Poland. They're not chewy, just tender. I don't have a broiler in my oven so I pan fry them in butter over a little heat on the stove. Flavor to your taste. You'll like them.
Sgt Bilko    
9 Jun 2015  #44

I don't really know Warsaw restaurants but I've had the Argentinian steak at U Swejka a few times as we always stay next door at the MDM when we visit / stay overnight before a flight. The steak has always been delicious, tender, bloody as asked for and, if I remember correctly, abut 40zl. All washed down with a litre glass of Czech beer. As the place is always teeming, I assume it has a good reputation. Haven't visited for a couple of years, though. Hope it hasn't changed.
jon357 69 | 13,499    
9 Jun 2015  #45

U Szwejka is often great but patchy (I prefer the little place with Polish food next-door) and good for meat lovers. Great they've now got their alcohol licence back. The queues though are more about the prices and promotions than the food itself I think we must have been there on different nights - the steak I had was not great. Decent atmosphere though.

Just remembering how good the steak I has at Sphinks was. It shouldn't have since the rest is a bit crap.

The moral of this is that Sgt Bilko had a great steak and I had a mediocre one at the same place. I had a great steak at Sphinks whereas others complain. Cooking isn't an exact science and its notoriously difficult to deliver perfect steaks consistently. A busy kitchen doubles the chance of something going slightly wrong.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
9 Jun 2015  #46

These steaks aren't from Poland.

You sure about that? I had one last night and seem to remember seeing on the packaging that it was Polish beef.
You're talking about these ones, aren't you?,id,3944,name,stek-kruchy-z-antrykotu-z-rostbefu

I reckon those are most likely the best value steaks in Warsaw.

I pan fry them in butter over a little heat on the stove.

You mean you add the butter at the beginning? How do you stop the butter from burning? I used to put a little butter on the top of my steaks before wrapping them up to rest but now I use a quarter teaspoon of English mustard (better flavour and healthier).

Haven't visited for a couple of years, though. Hope it hasn't changed.

The last steak I had there was terrible. Sorry but the place has really gone downhill.
OP cms 9 | 1,301    
9 Jun 2015  #47

I stop the butter from burning by adding a little oil around the butter - not olive oil, rather something neutral.

2 minutes each side, glass of hungarian red and a good tomato salad :)
10 Jun 2015  #48

Beefeater mentioned an argentine grill and wine bar. Now that's my kind of place. Thanks for the tip :)

Btw there is a steak house around the corner from the British Bulldog Pub on Ale Jerozlimskie or however you spell it. I walked past it the other day.

Sgt. Bilko I found that argentine place on U Swejka. I will visit next week :)
jon357 69 | 13,499    
10 Jun 2015  #49

I noticed today a restaurant called 'Steak 'n' Pepper' on ul. Nowogrodzka (next to Lokanta, in my rarely humble opinion one of the very nicest restaurants in Warsaw if not Poland as a whole) advertising "the best steaks in town". I didn't go in because we were going to Lokanta but has anyone been there?
OP cms 9 | 1,301    
21 Jul 2015  #50

So I finally got to Merliniego and can report back.

As a venue I think its great - classy decoration, good wine list at OK prices, good service, clientele were a good mix - some expats, mostly Poles, some business, some casual, some women.

The steak was very expensive - I had a ribeye and it was something like 45 zloty per 100g. That's high even by London or NY standards. It was good but I would not put it in the top 20 steaks I have had in my life. Gorgonzola sauce was great, not enough fries.

Certainly would go back there as there were plenty of nice looking things on the menu but in terms of the perfect steak in Warsaw I think the search goes on :)
2 Aug 2015  #51
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
2 Aug 2015  #52


What did it set you back?

This may not be unversally intelligible slang so -- What did the rib-eye for two cost you?
4 Aug 2015  #53
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
4 Aug 2015  #54

Sounds fabulous, but I rang them and was told a rib-eye runs 190 zł (about $50) for two people. A little too rich for my blood.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
4 Aug 2015  #55

Certainly would go back there as there were plenty of nice looking things on the menu but in terms of the perfect steak in Warsaw I think the search goes on :)

I'm told that the best steak in Warsaw is the 9+ Wagyu at Merliniego 5. However, nobody I know has ever paid for one themselves, so none of them know how much the thing costs; best guesses are in the region of 1,000zl.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
4 Aug 2015  #56

Being ignorant, what the hell is Wagyu?
jon357 69 | 13,499    
4 Aug 2015  #57

A fashionable name for several breeds of cattle, usually raised under certain conditions. In Japan, they actually sometimes massage the cows to relax the muscle. The meat is very marbled, hence good steaks. But not so amazingly good that it justifies the price, nor would most people who buy it recognise if it's the real thing or not.

Quite a lot of about willy-waggling regarding Wagyu really. Reminds me a bit of some of my colleagues who buy $200 bottles of malt at duty free then mix coke with it. All about the name and the price.

Especially in Poland where people almost always want the steak medium or well done and it is rarely done to perfection anyway.
5 Aug 2015  #58
Roger5 2 | 1,476    
5 Aug 2015  #59

who buy $200 bottles of malt at duty free then mix coke with it.

A hanging offence if ever there was one.
I agree with Blink. Why risk it in a restaurant when you can cook it just how you like it at home? Anyone can cook beef of this quality.
johnny reb 15 | 3,237    
5 Jan 2016  #60

1000 acres and whole lot of cattle would be too much hassle for the money it would make

Really, how much does a nice rib eye steak cost in Poland ?
How about raising Yak then ? Less maintenance and a whole lot healthier meat then cattle.
It will soon be the new rave.

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