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"Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe!

2 Sep 2012 /  #181
Agreed. Shale fracking is appallingly destructive.
2 Sep 2012 /  #182
Yes, it so much better to rely on Our Eastern "Friendly Neighbours" with everything!!
Shale gas fracking is not appallingly destructve, Even in here, in Britain they've found sources of Shale Gas are the goverment gives a green light for the works to start.

Why shouldn't the Poles be left behind just because of three idiots ?! (That are probably paid by Gazprom for what they are doing)

2 Sep 2012 /  #183
An interesting read on exactly how shale gas is extracted:
4 Jun 2013 /  #184
Merged: Shale gas - Tusk government escapes disgrace

The withdrawal of three big international players from shale gas prospecting in Poland had been needed for the Polish government to change the bill project that guaranteed the lion's share in the future benefits from shale gas extracting for the government, but was leaving the investing international companies in a very insecure position concerning their possible financial gains from this project.

After the withdrawal of ExxonMobil, 
Talisman Energy oraz Marathon Oil from Poland, it has become more than clear that the much-publicized "Polish shale gas" project which was meant to make of Poland an independent energy player would finish in a big disaster and in an even bigger disgrace - says in its latest edition the "Bloomberg Businessweek Polska" weekly. The investors concerned told the paper off the record that the main obstacle in their further engagement in the search of shale gas in Poland had been the Polish administration and in particular - the deputy minister for Environment, Mr Piotr Woźniak.

But Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told reporters in Brussels two weeks ago: - If someone wants to invest billions in Poland, he must be sure about the safety of his business". Since then, the Ministry for Environment has diametrically changed its stance and allowed for 80% of the proposals put forward to the legislation project by Poland's prospective business partners in this shale gas enterprise.
5 Jun 2013 /  #185
The Bloomberg article would have been written before SLE ( San Leon Energy ) gave this appraisal of their Czaslow 1 well.

Not that the amounts talked about are likely to change anything - even when accompanied by some bullish comments about a "Bakken" type play.
5 Jun 2013 /  #186
Merged: US shale gas to Poland?

I'm no expert in the field but Sikorski said in the US that Poland wanted to import US shale gas. Soudns like coals to Newsctastle since Poland is literallyy sitting on shale. But I know some drilling otufits have puled out saying depoits were inaccessible and Poland lacked regulations governing extraction..

I wonder how economical it will be to import shale gas from the States.,Poland-wants-US-shale-gas-imports
5 Jun 2013 /  #187
I wonder how economical it will be to import shale gas from the States.

Very. America is full of the stuff and so the price is low, and the LNG terminal will facilitate imports. It's a great move, and very sensible to have a diverse gas supply.
6 Jun 2013 /  #188
Yes, anything to reduce dependence on the Putinites!
6 Jun 2013 /  #189
Well, in order to move from any gas and oil dependency it would be logical to move first of all from natural
gas power plants and produce electricity on wind or nuclear power plants of newer generation similar to
Thorium power plants.

Wind energy becomes competative with nuclear energy in Brazil.But probably Poland
doesn't have strong winds...

Introdicing advanced hybrid vehicles would be able to reduce dependence on oil a lot...
What is currently needed in field of smokeless energetics is new type of energy storage devices similar
to battery or capacitor.I have my own ideas on this account but will see if I ever could rise money for
practical experiments...
6 Jun 2013 /  #190
Watch the documentary Gaslands.
Shows the horror of shale gas.

Say hello Shale Gas, say goodbye the the Water Table beneath and it's not long before our drinking water and our rivers, streams and lochs are destroyed and the life in them killed.
6 Jun 2013 /  #191
...and the sun will stop shining...
6 Jun 2013 /  #192
But probably Poland
doesn't have strong winds...

6 Jun 2013 /  #193
According to this map most of Polish territory has 5-6 m/s winds.And some offshore faster
than 8 m/s winds.

Could be on the verge of economic development...

Doesn't Poland still have lots of coal and coalbed methane?

Biogas production is another option.
6 Jun 2013 /  #194
Could be on the verge of economic development

more like the verge of recession I'm afraid.
6 Jun 2013 /  #195
If, as someone has pointed out, the US has loads of shale gas that can be cheaply transported to Poland's gasport, then maybe that would be the way to go instead of maiming the Polish land wtih drilling and fracking operations. I'm strictly a layman in the energy field. If it shows, please enlighten me.
6 Jun 2013 /  #196
Does Poland suppose to develop nuclear energy in foreseeable future?
6 Jun 2013 /  #197
Не кажется. It wouldn't seem so. Following Cherniobyl, Japan and Germany's pull-out it seems rather unlikely,
even though Tusk is pushing it.
6 Jun 2013 /  #198
Following Cherniobyl, Japan and Germany's pull-out it seems rather unlikely,
even though Tusk is pushing it.

There is claims that new reactors based on molten salts are inherently safe
and cannot explode almost under any conditions.Naither they require large and expensive protection.

Also if it uses Thorium as fuel it suppose to produce hundreds to thousands times less
nuclear waste than typical Uranium reactor.
What do you think about it?
6 Jun 2013 /  #199
There are plans to built nuclear power station but for now nothing sure. Ppl opose
6 Jun 2013 /  #200
I'm almost sure it is not molten salt reactor they suppose to built but classical light-water reactor.
For now there is almost no MSR in the world except experimental.
6 Jun 2013 /  #201
These technicalities ar way over my head. All I can say that the Titanic was said to be unsinkable.
16 Nov 2014 /  #202
The UK's FT newspaper reporter Henry Foy in Warsaw reports
Poland's much-hyped shale gas boom could take as long as six more years to become commercially viable

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